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Originally Posted by smassey321 View Post
2010 and up all have a satellite tuner built into the i-drive head unit. Since yours has the prep option, the tuner is disabled and needs to be enabled. You need to purchase/obtain an FSC code and have a coder add it to your i-drive. The dealer can do it, or there are other online options. There are ways to do this for free (cic patcher) however you need to be able to code and have the appropriate coding cable.
Thatís awesome news, I was almost going to buy a module. When I couldnít find any connectors in the trunk, I got kind of suspicious that something was different here. Thank you for educating me!!
So - I have done several things on the X5 via coding, and if itís just a matter of changing a setting from Ďnicht aktiví to Ďaktiví that should be easy. But, I have heard of CIC changes that can only be applied by editing files (nettodata) and for that, Iím not as comfortable. Iíll check it out! Thanks again
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