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DDE Isssues Again

Hello all,

This is my old thread where i fixed the loss of power by replacing the turbocharger module.

Today i went to check for any error codes becouse i noticed in the morning only on first start the car would shake a little and drop rpm but then it will run very normal.
The car has DPF disabled, turbocharger partially reubuild + turbo module replaced. it's a 2006 X5 E53 3.0d

I found 3 error codes :

1. 0041AA DDE: Sens presione di aliment
2. 004B10 DDE: Regolatore silenzionata
3. 004B11 DDE: Regolatore silenzionata

By clicking the first error (0041AA) to read more details this is the result :

By clicking the third error (004B11) this is the result :

And the injectors seems to run very well at the moment , this is the result :

Any help or suggestion what can i check next ?
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