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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
I have been out of the loop for a few weeks as I caught viral pneumonia with a temp that hit 105.9f and was in the ICU for a couple of weeks. I have tried to follow on here at times but it was slightly difficult.
I am mostly good now and just taking it slow although it seems like the White Witch has other plans from when I left the hospital...

Bad display ribbon cable [emoji849]

Air intake temp implausibility [emoji53]

RF DHC is dying

Found the source of the aircraft tire on landing noise [emoji3060] is the center shaft bearing not the guibo but since it's only a year+ old....[emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]

Alignment is shot....[emoji2962][emoji1787]

My Android BT works with what's been paired before but is grayed out and won't connect or search for anything new or forgotten. (Ask me how I know)

If anyone has an idea on the BT fix I would appreciate it especially if it doesn't wipe everything and start over.

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I was praying man! In my mind I was like, EOD has been mia. It just didnít feel right. Glad to know youíre back up! Take it easy brother! Get well ASAP!

I got jokes for the Witch, but may be another time.
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