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Originally Posted by Russianblue View Post
i could prob engineer something but right now i can't even see the face of the pulley. radiator is still in. i could take it out, but not sure if that will give me enough room to measure.

that's really the issue. you mention "some holes drilled". my first thought is "how big and what pattern?"

if i had a junk pulley that would prob make it easier.
Considering everything else you're doing on this project, removing the radiator is so fast and easy, I highly recommend it. If nothing else, that will prevent damage to it.

The AC condenser though, would be a much bigger effort to remove. When I did my HG job, the radiator was out as one of the first things done, and the AC condenser stayed in the whole time. The AC condenser will prevent or limit the depth of any impact wrench attempts on the crank pulley bolt.

Looking on that cool E46 thread linked above, and all the other threads it leads to, shows that the number of ways to skin this cat is unlimited. Here's what I did, and is exactly what I'd do again:

Of course, it requires those tools (or substituting a giant lever), and reliance on the locking pin to hold the flywheel. Worked great for me, but as often happens it appears a vote of the internet would declare it impossible.

And I agree, I would not trust that screws and nuts tool thing ( ) to transmit 410+ Nm of torque. But it did apparently work, and was a very creative solution.

Well done on getting the TimeSerts all in. No turning back now.

EDIT - if I needed to make a tool to hold that pulley, I'd start with a short length of 3-1/2" black iron pipe (about 100mm OD, if the dimensions on that page are accurate; not galvanized, since it will be welded), and use an angle grinder to make it so it fits snugly within the 3 openings in the pulley. Then weld (or attach some other way) an old bed frame angle iron to it (off-center, since the socket on the crank bolt will be going through the center of the pipe). Of course for all this, I'd confirm dimensions on things before heading to Home Depot for the pipe.
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