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CAN Bus Interpretation

Good afternoon everyone,
Iím currently working on a long-running project of a performance dash for the E53, although Iíve reached an impasse. According to what I see on the wiring diagram, I am missing the CAN pins on my OBD port(which are on 6 and 14) and have the K-Line pins (7 and 8) yet the wiring diagram says the can wires are YlwBlk and YlwBrw which are the colors of the wires in pin 7 and 8.
My CAN bus interpreter for my raspberry pi cannot read any data from 7 and 8 (which could be up to the setup of my CAN bus tool) which makes me think I donít have CAN, yet BMW scanner 1.4 was giving me all kinds of messages about the CAN bus having been interrupted after I had hooked the interpreter up to it. This brings me to my questions.
1) Does the E53 (2005) have CAN bus?
2) Can it be interpreted in any way (I.e is it encrypted)?
3) What wires are 7 and 8 actually?
4) Is there a way for me to only connect to certain CAN busses (since I know all the different modules communicate using it, and I really only need the DME)?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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