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It's a bit hard to investigate your vehicle without knowing what it is, but for my diesel the panoramic sunroof is fed by fuse 46, from Fuse 108. 46 is in the glovebox, F108 is near the battery in the rear. If you do get it working, it would pay to go through the initialisation procedure.
Sequence of the initialisation
Press the operating switch for the panorama glass sunroof to ”Lift” and hold it there. After approx. 15 seconds, the operation starts automatically. The initialisation runs as follows:

Panorama glass sunroof is lifted
Sliding panel opens completely
Sliding panel closes completely
Sliding panel opens again completely
Panorama glass sunroof is lowered
Panorama glass sunroof opens completely
Panorama glass sunroof closes completely
The entire operation takes approx. 75 seconds. The switch for the panorama glass sunroof must be kept pressed during the initialisation. If the panorama glass sunroof switch is released, the procedure must be repeated.

After the panorama glass sunroof has closed again, the switch can be released. After approx. 5 seconds, which is required for data storage, all the functions of the panorama glass sunroof can once again be operated using the switch.

Re-initialisation will be necessary after conducting repairs on the panorama sunroof.

Note: If the sunroof stops before reaching the end position, keep the switch pressed and wait for at least 15 seconds (deletion of initialization values). The sunroof then continues to move. Keep the switch pressed for 1 second when the sunroof reaches the end position.
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