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Stalling, MAFS, Cam Shaft


Always something to work on with these E53' 2004 4.4 has decided to throw some more gremlins my way.

Recently struggles to start on a warm start (it tries and tries), rough on cold start, stalls at lights etc etc. I was get a long list of errors as the engine didn't like something. I recently cleaned the MAF Sensor as it was reading 27.60 (!) on idle and is now down in the green range on INPA at 20.00.

I am still not driving it around too much as am over being stuck in the middle of the road, but it did stall on me earlier today and have me Camshaft Control Outlet VANOS error - 27 BC 42 and 27 BB 42. I cleared errors and it started working again.....but had issues on a warm start 10min later.

Any help would be appreciated as was thinking of replacing the MAFS and potential CAMShaft Sensors.
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