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Yup Oil question again 3.0d 2004

Hello to all and please don't kick me, ok my 3.0d has hit 110,000 miles, it does drink oil or smoke at all (touch wood) now query i have is how religiously do we need to follow BMWs recomendation of BMWLL01 (superseded by LL04 now)

I been running mobil ESP 5/30w for yonks now, just curious if i chuck in 5/40w instead and a non BMWLL rate doil ie one that just meets the ACEA3 B3 etc rating will I be asking for trouble....?also thinking of putting on a roof rack but thats another story.....any input much appreciated
E53 X5 3.0d SUV 11/2004 eng.variant M57N Europe Right hand drive N
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