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Battery drain / Nav unit always on


Iíve done quite a lot of searching on here and the web generally and thereís a few related posts and many more that mention this is known problemÖ but not sure Iíve really found a solution yet.

So I have a 4.8is with widescreen nav, CD changer swapped out for a GROM Bluetooth unit instead and also an additional amp and sub added (wired to come on with remote power connection on the E53 alpine amp).

This setup has been in place for several months, and Iíve had no problems. Earlier this week though I noticed the GROM Bluetooth unit was staying on after I had parked up (even hours/days later). I only noticed as my phone would keep connecting to it which was quite annoying.

Earlier today, battery was of course completely dead. Couldnít even unlock the car Ö so Iíll probably end up having to buy another new battery (replaced only a few months ago also).

Iíve put the car on a CTEK to charge/recover the battery but also has a quick poke around and noticed that the red light on the mk4 nav unit never seems to go out which seems abnormal to me.

I think the car is going into sleep mode (no light on the gear shift) but I canít be 100% sure.

Any ideas what could be causing the nav unit to stay on? Any ideas on a fix for this?

Bit odd that this should happen now, car had been sat for weeks unused without a problem before I used it for a trip earlier this week.
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