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Engine failsafe and DSC inactive 76 code


may be I will help somebody by creating this post. I drive BMW X5 2002 3.0 manual transmission. After driving about 500 meters I had DSC inactive and Engine failsafe with three lights on (trifesta) After that engine lost power and once turned off engine reprogramming began.

I am attaching the scanner screenshot.
(D3) DME - Idle speed control valve mechanical fault
(76) DSC DME/DDE - Does not fulfil torque request

I cleared the codes started driving and again got these codes. After inspecting MAF sensor I noticed that the air duck going from MAF sensor down to the engine is almost disconnected from the rubber boot connected to the engine. After connecting it back and tightening clamps I reset the code and now 10 km without error codes.

I thought of everything, dead battery faulty voltage regulator/alternator, I checked steering wheel sensor and wheel speed sensors while driving. I have Launch x431 tool. All was normal.

Now this is fixed. I hope I saved somebody a lot of time.
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