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Okay, I took some pics of my install for you. Here is what you need to do to hook up your rear view camera:

1. Buy a 4 pin relay like the one shown in pic1. Screw it securely to the body. This relay should have 4 pins labelled 85, 86, 87 and 30.

2. Using a long wire, connect pin 30 on the relay to pin 17 of the blue plug on your TV module under the spare tire. Actually there should be a brown wire already connected to pin 17 sitting idle.

3. Locate the rear lighting wiring harness on the inner side of the trunk as shown in pic2. See if you can find a yellow wire with a white stripe, and secondly a purple wire with a white stripe. My car actually has a million wires with all the electronics...your's shouldn't be as bad.

4. Branch pin85 and pin87 together and tap into the yellow/white wire in the vehicles wiring harness as shown in pic3. Sorry about the poor pics.

5. Tap into the purple/white wire in the vehicle's wiring harness and connect it to pin 86 on the relay as shown in pic4.

6. Put your car in reverse gear (with your foot on the brake!) and it should work!
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