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Originally Posted by FSETH
I am jealous you have already driven one of these. I would immagine that once you get up in higher speeds and RPM's the V10 is a different monster than the V8. Did you notice a bigger difference at higher or lower RPM's/speed with the M3 compared to your M6?

I know the SMG has plenty of advantages, especially on the track, but do you miss rowing through the gears when driving on public roads?
The big difference starts as of 5,500 rpm. This is where the V10 goes to "warp speed". From that point on the V10 has impressed me from the first time I drove it till today. The M3 didn't give me this feeling. It goes but it doesn't give you this "kick-in-the-but" the V10 gives you.

No, I don't miss rowing through gears on public roads because I still do it. The only difference is that you do it with little paddles and don't have to take your hand off the steering wheel. I never drive it in auto mode unless there is a huge traffic jam and even then, I drive it in manual mode most of the time.

There is one better thing though ... F1 super fast on the 599 GTB and that engine will give you a kick in the but from 0 al the way up to 8,250 rpm.
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