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Snap adapter & eject box install for Motorola V3

I've searched the forums but have not been able to find how to install
1) eject box
2) frame
3) snap adapter
that I've just received for my Motorola RAZR V3 in my E70 X5.

I purchased the parts from Morristown but they did not come with any instructions (apart from V3 booklet in German). Can anyone help me? I have asked Morristown if they can provide any instructions.

This is the picture of the 4 "parts" I have. From left to right.
1. eject box support frame
2. eject box for snap-in
3. snap-in adapter for V3
4. RAZR V3
5. 2 screws (not shown)

I was able to figure out how to get eject box (2), snap-in adapter (3), and RAZR V3 (4) connected. The challenge is how to install the eject box support frame (1) and the eject box (2) into that...
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