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Looking at your instructions, I have some questions and some confirmations that I 'd appreciate.

1) Disassemble the hinged plate of the mount. There is a Torx screw that is accessed from one end of the hinge. I please it's a #10 torx head. Just kind of pay attention as how it comes apart so the you can repeat the step for re-assembly. This is the eject box support frame (which is on the left in my picture above)?

2) Remove the back plate from the support housing. Remove the back of the support frame which is the long smooth underside of the eject box support frame? Does that back plate just clip off? This will allow you to route the cable and connector to the back of the support, and down to the bottom of the support mounting plate (that's why you needed to take the plate apart). This would be the cable and connector from the eject box (second from left in my picture) through the support frame? On the top of the support, neatly wrap the cable around the tabs on the top, then to the inside, and out the end, and on to the bottom of the mounting plate. So thread the cable and connector through the large opening in the top of the support frame? Once the cable is routed neatly, replace the back plate removed above. Where will the cable and connector finally be coming out of? Through the support bracket on the eject box support frame?

3) The AUX input connector (maybe USB on yours) and power receptacle are mounted on a plate at the front of the storage compartment. Use a small flat blade screwdriver ( or something similar) to pry this out gently from the top. With a little force, is should snap out. I snaps back in easily. With this removed, you should be able to find the harness connector for the eject box. It seems to be held lightly in place by a clamp of some sort, but I was able to pull it out with very little force. This is clear and I have the AUX input (iPod) connector.

4) Now, this was the trickiest part - used a clothes hanger starting from the front opening and fished it through to the opening where the support bracket mounts. Is the "front opening" the opening for the AUX input connector? And fish it through underneath the center console to the back? The "support bracket" is the back of the support frame? Tape the connector/cable from the eject box to the end of the clothes hanger using electrical tape. Wrap it so that the connector will not be pulled from the end of the hanger, but keep it as small as possible - the easier it will be to pull it through to the front opening. One thing that wasn't covered was how I remove the existing black plastic cover at the back of the storage compartment so that I can put the eject box support frame in place. Do I just pry that off with a screwdriver?

5) If you're successful with the pull through, that's pretty much it. Mate
the connectors and mount the support bracket with the 2 screws. Snap the phone adapter into the eject box. That's it. Before I did this, I didn't
know how to remove the storage compartment. Now that I do, I'm still glad I tried that method first - a lot less work and dismantling of the interior.

Thanks for your help!

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