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Originally Posted by motordavid
Stlr LotRat, Huh?!
Can I order up a new one with wash&polish swirls?! ...

Actually, pretty cool part-time job, Matt!
I like the "red" interior; if I win a lotto I might be able to
buy another new car in my life.
Actually, I'm not one of the detailing folks. I'm with sales and help out the Internet Manager. In order to take photographs, sometimes I have to take the car out back and wash the cars myself. Dark colours dont photograph well with a layer of pollen on them.

The dealer is so small, it doesnt have an automatic scratch mach--err I mean car wash. It's all done by hand, and believe me, washing a car in a shirt & tie isn't the most brilliant thing to do. I'm not supposed to ask the detailers to wash the cars because "they're too busy doing service customers' cars".

Not bad for a college student. Beats swiping cards at the dining hall or pool.
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