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So, got a question about my wheels

Hey everyone. Had Ferric Grey 215s put on Friday. Car sat at my in-laws for 2 days, and drove it home (120 miles) on Sunday. Felt a significant amount of vibration between 55-67 MPH. Below and above that, no vibration and smooth ride.

Went and had them re-balance, by road force machine today, and while the vibration is more minimal, still there.

I am curious, what do you all think is the issue? No pot holes, damage anything to the vehicle. Seems like it pulls right more than before. My tire guy (who put the wheels on, and has done multiple cars of mine beautifully) says they went on and balanced beautifully.

I have 3700 miles on vehicle, and 150 miles on new tires and wheels. Any suggestions?

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