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Originally Posted by dlennard View Post
Sorry I guess I misread your post . The dealer should be interested in helping him because they are a BMW dealer. I don't think the dealers ever pay out of their own pockets they get approval from BMW NA. The dealer looses a new costumer and BMW looses more car sales and the X5 owner gets his trans fixed by an INDY and sells the X and other BMW's. The x5 owner also tells all his friends not to buy BMW and nobody wins.

If BMW NA split the cost they would still have a costumer to by their products, the dealer would make money on the work and get a new costumer and the owner would feel like he was treated right. WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone. I can dream can't I.

its ridiculous how customer service works huh? i think BMW is in "conserve mode" especially with all those fuel pumps failing in the 35 turbo engines.

OP, sorry i came off a bit harsh-- i truly hope you come up with a solution, because the 4.8is is a true beast, and i wish i could have afforded one!

One more tip: looks like your headlights are beginning to fog up--check the site for posts on using the 3M kit to repair them
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