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Wiper Fix

Contributed by: Seba

I've seen a lot of posts about "dead wipers", with no resolution or folowup so I thought the following info might be helpful for some folks out there. If your wipers stopped working while driving in the middle of the rain (like mine did two days ago) and probably they got stuck somehow half-way up the windshield read further. And, even if they still work, but you hear a fade clunk (something you normally wouldn't worry about) when the wipers are all the way up, you might be heading towards the same problem so read this. (If your rain sensor doesn't work, the info won't help you, I'm still trying to figure mine out)

Open the hood and remove the black cover located between the engine compartment and the windshield. Make sure you don't force it, it should come out pretty easy after you unhook the ties. Twist the little black ties counter-clockwise until the spring pushes them out about 1/2" ... make sure you get all of them otherwise they might snap.

Here is the general location were the motor is located:

Here's a close up of the motor:

That's where my problem was. As you can see, the bolts holding it to the mount were all loose (ALL of them BMWNA), with one of them (see the pictures) being high enough to interfere with the wipers mechanism. How can this (and many, many, MANY other little things) happen on the "ultimate driving machine"? All you have to do is screw them back in (tight).

That's pretty much it, put the cover up and you're done, you just saved yourself a couple of hundred dollars by not going to the dealer.

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