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Some more data.
Post from a guy I've never heard of.
You can delete all paired phones:
With key in position 0:
1-Press and hold the "talking face" button, then after about 3 seconds turn the key to position 1 and release the button after aprox. 3 seconds. BLUETOOTH PAIRING or a similar message appears on the screen.
2-Press the "talking face" button again for 10 seconds until you hear a triple aoustic signal. PAIRED DEVICES DELETED appears on the screen.
3-To conclude turn the key back to position 0.
(This might be for ULF cars.)

Pairing instructions for a brand new TCU.
1. Turn Key off and then to KL-R or KL-15.
2. The vehicle is ready for pairing for the first 2 minutes of key on.
If the R/T button on the MFL is pressed, "Activate Phone" appears on the MID or Board Monitor. For the
E53 X5 the seatbelt needs to be plugged in and the R/T button pressed on the MFL and "Activate Phone"
appears in the Instrument Cluster.
During the pairing process, depending on equipment, the indicator lights on MID or Board Monitor display
5. Your mobile phone should now be set to search for BT devices. See the Owner's Manual for your handset.
A request to enter a password, PIN, or code appears on the handset display, depending on your model.
Enter the 'BLUETOOTH PASSKEY" (supplied with the vehicle literature), using the numerical keys on
the handset and confirm the input. Look for a confirmation message on the handset.
7. To conclude the pairing process, turn the key off.
Wait approximately 30 seconds before turning the key back on. The phone will now be connected when the
key is turned on. It may take several minutes to initially load the phone book stored in the handset
depending on the number of entries.

Post from the guy that figured out TCUs are retrofittable BT and codable.
The IBUS TCU can be paired with the following sequence: Note the 4 digit pairing code (labeled PK: xxxx on the TCU). Begin with the car off, insert key and turn to position 2, press R/T on the steering wheel (MID flashes "Searching...") then tell your phone to search for devices. If successful, the phone will find BMWnnnnn where nnnnn is the last five digits of your serial number. Tell your phone to connect, enter the pairing code from the label (xxxx) and you should now have a phone paired with the TCU. Up to 4 phones can be paired with the TCU (if you pair a fifth, the first one will be lost), and the priority when pairing (if multiple are present) is high-to-low priority in reverse pairing order so the last phone paired has highest priority.
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