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Malfunction Lights for Christmas...

Hello guys,

I have a 2011 X5 35i with 20,000 miles and just in the past two days I received multiple malfunction messages.

Just happened without any warnings. It can be a very dangerous situation as you will lose steering and braking.

The warnings were (all happened within 10 mins between turning the vehicle on and off):

Engine malfunction/reduced power mode
Braking/chasis stabilization malfunction
ABS malfunction
Parking brake malfunction
Rear light malfunction
Warning that I can change gear without depressing brake pedal

My X5 was perfectly normal until last night. I've had the software recall updated about 3,000 miles prior to these incidents.

As I searched this forum about the issues that I've been having, it appears that I'm not the only one...I'm taking it to the dealership tomorrow to find out what is going on, but i'm a bit worried that they don't have a long term solution for this.

If someone with similar experiences can chime in and share your solutions, I would appreciate it.

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