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Audio/NAV Issues... Help Please

'01 X5; 4:3 display; mk II cd based Nav drive; DICE mediabridge 1500.

I am having multiple issues with my audio system. It had been functioning flawlessly. Now after 3 minutes exactly of playing (each time), there is no volume. The orange light stays on. Addtionally I noticed that the relay on the passenger side for the nav was getting extremly hot. It was cheap enough, I replaced it. That didnt help.

So now in addition to the 3 minute no volume issue, (and I am sure due to my monkeying around with relays and fuses), the other day the screen started intermittingly freezing up. Finally, the screen now displays only the following... Any suggestions please? I've removed the nav unit and double checked the connections. That didnt help either. Can someone provide an assist on trying to figure this out please... Thanks
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