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Question Strange issue 3.0i

X3 2006 3.0i automatic with 150k km

For awhile, i have some jerking in acceleration, no check engine, first tough with what i found on the web was the oxygen sensor ... the jerking disapear when i unplug the sensors. I change the precat first bank ... no change. this only happen when the engine was at the running temperature. The first 5 minutes after a cold start, nothing ... when I check the RPM even without feel the jerking, i can see the needle goes up jerkily

not changed the second 02 sensor yet.

last night, i merged on highway, check engine go on ... fine ! it probably related to my jerking problem and now the computer know what it go wrong ... 5th speed take a time to engage ... feel like i lost power, run i little bit rough and more heavy exhaut noise when I accelerate ... I stop at the next exit, rought and low idle (500-600rpm), like misfire on acceleration from a stop ... stop the engine, restart, no more check engine, no more rough running ... this moring, nothing ... except the jerking.
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