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I too am suffering from a similar issue. I bought a tcu from a 2005 x5 to put in my 2001 x5. I bought the db25 adaptor from ECS tuning, fitted everything (mic, antenna, cables, etc)...
So when I first installed it all I only got 'Activate Phone', no bluetooth signal on my iPhone 4.
Then I tried coding via DIS and this really didnt work... I coded ECE professions Telephone or something like that. It coded sucessfully. Then I tried to add Bluetooth 2 I think, it gave error 'coding code could not allow this' or something to that effect.
I tried doing retrofits, recoding, etc... No real luck with this.

Now I can't even get to this unit via NavCoder. It acknowledges it's a ECE TCU GSM unit. But it just times out with an error message and none of the fields populate.

If I do this with BMW scanner 1.4 though I can see the mode, bt name & passkey, etc all just fine!

However I still have no signal and I also get 'No Response from Unit' via INPA.

I was told that the TCU was tested in a x5 before it got sent to me.

I'm not sure what I should do now?
My car came with SA640A from factory.

I did also sucessfully make a call via the EMERGENCY option to 112 on the board monitor!!!
When it did this it didn't seem to use the iPhone but rather the TCU?!?!?!

Part no of TCU is: 84.10 6964113-02
X5 2001 4.4i E53
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