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Originally Posted by dweintra View Post
**Now for the question: I have the 18 inch standard wheels. I wish to swap them with someone I met who has the 20 inch Y wheels. I want the sportier look and he wants better traction in snow, etc. His X5 is a 2008 4.8. We are trying to figure out if we can just swap the wheels whole or if we need to break them down and have the sensors swapped. I called Discount Tire and they think the sensors need to be swapped. I looked online and there is an online store selling the same sensor for both model years. Does anyone know? I called a local BMW dealer and they did not know off hand and no one who knew was available.


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You need the production date of your 2011 X5 diesel: if it was BEFORE 10/10 (Oct 2010), yours will use the same sensor as all e70's before that date. AFTER 10/10 BMW switched sensors. So if yours was built after 10/10, you will not be able to use the 08 wheels with the factory sensors.

See also BavarianX ... supplier of BERU TPMS sensors - an OEM supplier to BMW.
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