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2007 X3 Battery Replacement

There is lots of discussion here on X5 batteries, but not much on the X3, hence this post.

Vehicle is coming up to 7 years of age. Just starting to get a slight hesitation on initial cranking. No problem starting it yet, but I decided to do it today while I controlled the time and place, since the original battery doesn't owe me anything at this point. I could try and push it another year, but we are planning to be in Calgary and Banff, parking outside at -20 C and below over the next two weeks, so today was the day.

Canadian Tire list an Eliminator ELM48/L3/H6 replacement battery, with a 48 month free replacement. Measured the same size, had two side vents (although I did have to switch the plug to use the vent on the other side)

Fits physically, although the lower clamp engages and holds the battery before the top strap is tight, so this battery must be about 2 mm shorter than the original, where the fold down handle is. Shimmed the top strap with a business card so it won't ever rattle. Lower clamp holds it securely in any case.

Original battery was 570 CA, 120 reserve. New one is 760 CCA/910 CA, 120 reserve. Decided there was no need for a fancier AGM battery since the E83 X3 doesn't have the sort of electrical draw that plagues the E70 and newer vehicles.

Battery was $129 CDN, plus $15 core charge refunded on return of the old battery. Changed it in the store parking lot, and got my core charge back 10 minutes after buying the battery.

Canadian Tire customer advisor had stopped me and asked who was installing it when I originally said BMW. They have a history of customer issues with BMW vehicles needing resetting. In their computer system, the 2007 X3 is noted as needing a computer reset. I told them that I didn't have an IBS (and I checked again, to make sure, because frankly I had never looked at the battery cables), so didn't require an initialization. They relaxed and said no issue, I seemed to know what I was doing. When I connected the new battery I had a 4x4 light on the dash, which I resolved by initializing the steering angle sensor (one cycle full lock to lock). Cars cranks instantly now. Had to reset the clock, that was it. Great accessibility to change the battery. 10 mm open end wrench for the terminals. 13 mm deep socket for the hold down bracket.

Just thinking about running costs. In almost 7 years with this vehicle we have replaced a battery, and a RH electric mirror (it stopped responding to the switch). Wiper blades twice. And a coolant flush. Plus two oil changes after the prepaid service ended. Tires at 80,000 km or so, from memory. Around 90,000 km now, and that has been it. Original brakes front and rear, lots of pad left, even with trailer towing occasionally. In my mind, that is a remarkably low running cost. Too bad they don't make them anymore, we'd buy another.
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