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Old 01-09-2006, 11:05 AM
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Hawk Brake Pad DIY Instructions

Contributed by: Mickey


(Written by Andrew, Comments and Pictures by

Instructions from Andrew in BLUE
Comments from Mickey in RED

Tools Required:
-flathead screw driver
-needle nose pliers
-3/8 ratchet w/ extension
-7 mm allen wrench
-7 mm allen socket
-19 mm socket w/ extension (for easy of removing lug bolts)
- Work light
- Rags / old cloth
- Working gloves
- Andrews Cell Phone number

Steps to follow:

1.) Use factory jack and tools to loose lug nuts (suggestion: use electrical
tape around exterior lug wrench bore for added protection from scratches to your rims) (Curse Andrew as having hard time figuring how the jack works)

2.) Use factory jack to lift vehicle so the tire is 2" off the ground.

3.) Remove loosened lug nuts with 19 mm socket and extension. (use electrical tape on this socket as well) (see figure below. This is what you are left with)

And while you are at it might as well hose the wheel and clean it so its as new as a baby's butt. I used some Meguirs wheel cleaner and sponge. This way would notice how long it will take the inside of the wheel to gather brake dust (if any)

3.) Use flat screw driver to push piston clip to compressed position. Place screw driver in the back side of caliper between rotor and inboard pad. Twist screw driver against pad and rotor to move piston. (*see photo below) Call Andrew (Wake him up from his sleep and ask where to slide the screw driver - and no its not my butt)

4.) Remove front caliper clip with screw driver or pliers. (*see photo below)

5.) Remove sensor (only applies to passenger side) with needle nose pliers by gently pulling on metal clip, not wire. (Call Andrew, wake him up and complain sensor on the wrong side) Mine was on the drivers side. Pretty easy to just take it out with the nose pliers. Don't pull it out using the wire but the tail of the sensor. (sorry no pic)

6.) Remove black plastic caps on backside of caliper. (*see photo below)

7.) Use 7 mm allen socket and/or 7 mm allen wrench to remove both long allen bolts. (*see photobelow) (Call Andrew, complain cant loosen the nuts. Be embarrassed as you have been working on the wrong nuts - Time lost: priceless)

8.) Remove caliper from rotor (do not allow caliper to hang by brake lines).
Set caliper on top of rotor, securely. (*see photo below) (Curse Andrew as the caliper falls on ur foot hurting your toe)

9.) Remove factory brake pads. Install inbound "Hawk" pad into caliper (no
clip is used for piston). Install outboard pad onto rotor bracket housing.

10.) Side caliper over rotor. Secure caliper by inserting caliper allen bolts into the rear of caliper. Make sure bolts are in place correctly. Then tighten 7 mm allen bolts firmly. (*Note: Caliper will seem semi-loose, but this is normal).

11.) Reinstall sensor wire. (only on passenger side) err driver

12.) Reinstall plastic caps on backside of caliper.

13.) Reinstall front caliper clip.

14.) Reinstall wheel and tire. Hand tighten lug nuts with 19 mm socket. The tighten securely with lug wrench. Lower vehicle with jack and retighten lug nuts when vehicle is on the pavement. (Call Andrew, complain hands now too black from all this mess. Remember to wear gloves next time)

15.) "Seat" pads according to enclosed instructions via "Hawk." Very important.

Total time spent of Passenger side = 15 mins
Driver side = not more than 20 mins now that you have the instructions


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