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Old 01-09-2006, 11:05 AM
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Vehicle Pickup Checklist

Contributed by: Jerry

Jerry's Pickup Checklist

This is a compilation of many other lists I
found searching the archives especially the Motley Fool list, and
another list (starting with get a "Port Check" and also "look under the
damn car" :-) that I was unable to determine an original offer. Plus,
there are many comments from others and personal experience. Hopefully
this will help other X5 buyers.

One Month Before Pickup
  • Check the Owners Circle constantly to determine if your production week has started yet
  • Drive everyone nuts :-)
One Week Before Pickup
  • Send your dealer the Car and Key Memory worksheet
  • Verify with dealer if you do/don't want
    • Front/Rear plates installed plus any concerns about holes in front.
    • Badge (dealer insignia) on car
    • Any remaining optional items you might want. If they are on

      the invoice, they are covered by the full warranty. Later items are
      only covered by the parts warranty (typically only one year)
  • Confirm "Cash Due" for your financing company (if financing external)

  • Inform your insurance company about the new car. Supply the VIN (you did get a status report from your dealer, right?)

The Day (or so) Before Pickup
  • Confirm your coverage with your insurance company and verify coverage will begin the next day.
  • Ask your dealer to run a "Port Check". This is a sheet from

    the VPC about things they needed to fix upon receipt from the boat.
    Note: Items on this are not always bad, but may just be small items or
    scratches that needed repair. Some claim the body shop in the VPC is as
    good as the factory (I have no firsthand knowledge either way).
  • Ask your dealer for a copy of the truck transportation

    documents to check for any claims made on that leg of the trip. Repairs
    from this may have been made at the dealership.
  • One person suggested asking dealer to do a four-wheel

    alignment check (with printout). Apparently some cars experience
    alignment problems due to shipping that are not caught. I don't know if
    this is overkill or not.
Day of Pickup
  • List of things to bring
    • CDs and/or tapes to test sound system
    • Tire gauge
    • Good flashlight (don't count on the glove box light being fully charged)
    • Small handheld mirror (for looking under/behind things)
    • Order paperwork in case something comes up missing, there is a

      price difference, incorrect customization, etc. Don't forget your Car
      and Key Memory settings.
    • Calculator (in case you need to check some numbers on the financing)
    • Camera (optional)
Inspection Complete BEFORE signing any papers
  • List of things that should come with your car
    • Owners Manual
    • Video Tape (anyone know the names of these?)
    • Audio Tape (ditto)
    • Rechargeable flashlight in the glove compartment
    • Toolkit
    • MedKit (Not on US Models)
    • Traffic Triangle (Not on US Models)
    • Any extra manuals or loose options you ordered (mats, racks, etc)
    • Matching alloy spare (and jack while in there)
  • Inspection Items
    • Check the VIN with the paperwork you brought. Is it your car??
    • Check the mileage. It should be low (some say less than 150, some want it less than 10)
    • Check for shipping damage
      • Under front of car, check lip
      • Hood padding (present and matching color, white for Tit. silver)
      • Scratches on tires (including spare)
      • Scratches on paint. Check in bright fluorescent light if possible
      • Dents. Caution points are bumpers, corners, near wheels, etc.
      • Check the exterior (and interior) trim for consistent color and properly affixed (no loose ends)
      • Condensation in headlight covers (leaking water from carwash).
      • Interior scratches on trim, lining, dash, etc.
      • Check the seats for damage. Tears, scratches, marks, etc.
      • Carpet, did you get mats? Do they fit right?
    • Function Inspection Items
      • Sunroof, all positions. One push operation?
      • Headlights, side, rear, fog, etc.
      • Blinkers, flashers
      • Interior lighting
      • Flashlight in glovebox
      • Power seats
      • Power mirrors (including right mirror autotilt on reverse of equipped, does it return to original position)
      • Do doors close properly and securely? No odd vibrations? Same for trunk. Does the trunk stay up on its own?
      • Fan operation (all speeds)
      • CD, tape deck, nav system. You might look up the coordinates

        of the dealer ahead of time, but the nav system should show the map
      • Key fob functions. Everything moves and/or opens properly?
      • Did you get wheel locks? Are they installed? Where is the key?
      • Do all the windows work? Do all the window controls work (from all the positions)?
    • Pre-Test drive Checks
      • Have dealer show you the proper operation of all the functions of the car. Adjust this for your own options and needs.
      • Fluid locations (and levels), lids secure, no apparent leaks or drips.
      • All wires and hoses look well secured (no last minute repairs rushed and not properly re-secured)
      • Tire pressures
      • Have dealer show you where the battery is, and where the jumper cable connectors are in the front
      • Check the gas cap. If this is loose your check engine light will light (and stay lit for some time).
    • Test Drive
      • Check the Motley Fool Checklist for the test drive, very extensive

      • Check function of heater & AC, make sure both work, even in the "off" season.
      • No odd noises
      • Car tracks well (alignment issues)
      • Car brakes straight
      • No hesitation of engine
    • Post test-drive
      • Discuss any concerns from the test drive.
      • Have dealer show you the service area. Do they suggest (or offer) and early checkup before the first oil change?
      • Does the service department offer loaners or pickup/drop off services? This might be a good time to find out.
      • Some dealers offer free carwashes. You might ask.
    • Paperwork
      • This is last. Double check all the numbers with the paperwork you brought with you. Use your calculator if needed!
      • Verify VIN and options to invoice and financing paperwork
      • Are you considering any extended service warranties?
      • Ask dealer about the roadside assistance program.
      • Get copies of EVERYTHING!


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