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Old 01-09-2006, 11:05 AM
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Voice Recognition Module Installation DIY

Contributed by: BMWTips.com

Recognition w/ the Navigation System

voice command module can be added to the BMW Navigation system and/or the BMW Phone system. With the
module you can control by voice the following Navigation commands.

1. Turn on Navigation (Navigation)

2. Turn on/off voice instruction (Instruction/Instruction Off)

3. Display Map (Route Map)

4. Change Map Scale (Scale 1/4 mile etc)

5. Get information of current location and destination (Hotels, gas stations,

It won't allow you to enter addresses or retrieve entries from the address
book via voice.



add-on voice recognition can be fitted on BMW E53's that were built during the year 2001 or later. Model year 2000 X5's do not have the harness for this, but it can reportedly be retrofitted into the vehicle. To determine if you
can add the VR module to your Navigation, look for the blue connector that is referenced below.

(Note: You don't need the Integrated phone for this.

If you do have the phone, then you won't need the microphone.)


Needed (Courtesy of FlyM5 - BMWM5 board)


Price Discounted price


41 6 913 352 Voice recognition module
($300.00) $271.20

84 13 8 384 866 Mounting bracket
$ 14.82

07 12 9 946 304 Nuts (make sure you order four of these)($.44 each)
$ .52 (for four)

84 31 8 380 338 Microphone(not req if phone is installed) ($85.00)
$ 51.12

The instructions below are for the e39, however they are very similar to the e53 (X5) and will provide a guide for what needs to be done to install the VR unit and a microphone. Note that you likely won't need the mounting bracket, but will need to secure the unit in the rear compartment so that it doesn't rattle.

Install Instructions

1. Verify that you have the Blue Connector as
part of your wiring harness.

Blue Connector Location

Close Up

2. Order the parts. Here's what they look like.

3. Put the module and the bracket together using
two nuts.

4. Install bracket into Navigation bracket using
two nuts.

5. Unfurl blue connector by cutting the wire tie.

6. Plug blue connector into module.

7. Test the module operation, just turn on the ignition to
the first accessory position, and hold down the button on the steering wheel
with the "voice speaking" icon until you hear a beep. The dashboard computer
will then display a message VOICE RECOGNITION, followed by SYSTEM OFF after a
few seconds.

8. Wrap remaining wires so that they won't rattle.

Now the hard part - installing the microphone if one is not already installed

9. Install the microphone in the car interior by prying
out the panel in the headliner that contains the sunroof switch, garage door
opener switches, and the empty grill that holds the microphone. Use any
flat-bladed screwdriver to pry out the panel -- don't worry, you're not likely
to break anything.

10. I had a hard time locating the mic wire. It was
located on the driver side inside the panel and was tucked right next to a wire
tie attached to the roof. I had to pry off the wire tie from the room to unfurl
the mic wire.

11. Run mic wire through the mic opening in the panel, and
attach it into microphone. Snap mike into mic holder and reassemble panel back
into roof. YOU'RE DONE.

12. To operate the system, again press the voice icon
button on the steering wheel until you hear a beep and see VOICE RECOGNITION in
the dashboard display, and then say "Help Navigation." A female voice (different
from the navigation voice) will then proceed to recite a long list of voice
commands to control the navigation system. You can do the same thing and say
"Help Phone" to get the phone system commands, even if you don't have a phone.
Have fun...This should decrease the chances of having an accident while playing
with the navigation system.



If you just
say "HELP," the system mentions that there are 3 help commands:




Below is
a list of all the commands mentioned by the HELP commands:


Route map


Scale 400 feet

Scale 800 feet

Scale one quarter of a mile

Scale half a mile

Scale one mile

Scale two point five mile

Scale five mile

Scale ten mile

Scale twenty-five miles

Scale fifty miles

Hotels at current location

Parking lot at current location

Restaurant at current location

Gas station at current location

Hotels at destination

Parking lot at destination

Restaurant at destination

Gas station at destination

Save current position

New route


Instruction off


Dial number

Dial name

Add name

Delete name

Play phonebook

Clear phonebook



Record note

Play notepad

Clear notepad



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