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Old 08-09-2007, 09:30 PM
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White05X3 is on a distinguished road
A [VERY] Long Report on Euro Delivery

See pictures here


I can't believe this trip is over...

We left LA on July 17th and arrived in Munich on July 18th. The flight was mostly uneventful. Unfortunately nobody slept much. However the boys (Alex age 8 and Andrew age 4) were thrilled with their new PSP’s!

Rolf (a guy who works for BMW and moonlights as a "taxi" driver) picked us up at the airport and took us directly to the BMW delivery center. He is a very nice man. He brought a Razor scooter for Alex to ride out of the airport. The ride to the delivery center lasted less than a half hour. We handed over our passports and waited about 45 minutes for the car to be delivered. During that time we ate lunch in the café (the meatballs were delicious). The kids played with a puzzle Rolf gave them, Patty munched away happily on a croissant, and I went scouting in the back to find my car. Oddly enough the employees were not happy either with my presence in back or with my picture taking. Once I finally saw my car (335i coupe) I was beside myself. What a beauty! I simply couldn’t wait to get out and hit the autobahn!!

That first night was spent at the Arabella Sheraton Westpark, which is about 15 minutes from the delivery center. Not a bad hotel in a decent location with a good garage. The metro station was right across the street so we took it into town to walk around the Marienplatz. However the kids (ages 4 and 8) were just too tired so we went back and ate dinner at the hotel. Just what I was craving...some good wienerschnitzel and beer!!!

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel. Since I woke up significantly before everybody else I took the chance to wax the car. We left Munich and headed south to Lake Garda. The nav told us there was a traffic jam on the A13 near Innsbruck and routed us around. We ended-up on some small mountain roads that offered breathtaking scenery. Too bad I didn't have more miles on the car...I would really have enjoyed pushing it. The car’s thermometer registered a blistering 102 degrees! Unfortunately since we were driving in Austria we needed to buy their road pass (“vignette”) and orange warning vests.

Our hotel for the next two nights was the Gardaland Hotel. As soon as we got in I washed the car and applied another coat of wax. The hotel was much nicer than expected and we were generally pleased. We had a 2 room suite with a large bathroom and comfortable bed. The A/C worked well too! The only down side to the hotel is that they charge an inordinate amount of money for the dinner buffet (30 euros per person) and there are no choices in walking distance. Their theme character, Prezzemolo, was very popular with Drew! For what it’s worth, Prezzemolo means parsley in Italian. We have no idea why they named their green dinosaur/dragon “parsley”…

As planned we did spend a day at Gardaland (Italy's largest amusement park) and it was really fun!! The park was far less crowded than parks in the US and none of the lines were longer than 15 minutes. Unfortunately it was about 100 degrees and all that excitement really wiped us out. We left the park and went back to the hotel for a swim. Their pools (a big pool and a shallow one for kids) were great with many fun kid activities. The second night of our stay here we drove to a restaurant in Garda called La Marina Vecchia. Parking was easy and the pizzas were delicious. After dinner we walked a bit to the old part of Garda and got gelato. It was 11:00 at night and still quite warm. As we walked around the crowded streets eating ice cream, we happened upon a string quartet playing classical music. The music and environment were beautiful so we just stood there awhile soaking it all in.

After Lake Garda we went to Rimini where stayed at the Le Meridien. This place was beautiful and our room had a great view of the ocean. Their garage we pretty nice too. The hotel gave us a larger “family” room for a great deal.

While in the area went to Oltremare. Located in Ravenna Oltremare is a Sea World-like park. One level is dedicated to ocean life, one to concessions and one to a Darwinian trip through evolution. The Darwin thing was interesting, but was inside a humidified greenhouse. Believe me…it did not need to be either hotter or more humid than it was outside! Again the car told us it was over 100 outside. Besides a dolphin show we also saw an iMax about the dinosaurs. The kids thought it was tons of fun!! For people who care about keeping their cars clean, the parking lot is dirt so plan to wash the car after your visit here.

Rimini was more fun than we expected and we ate well!! Dinner the first night was at a small trattoria about a half mile from the hotel. Our second night in Rimini we ate at a large trattoria on a busy corner just a few blocks from the hotel. While there were far too many beggars, it was nice to sit outside at 10:00 at night and enjoy the warm summer night and the bustling city life.

From Rimini (and after another car wash) we went to Campi Bisenzio which is just outside Florence. I decided to avoid the autostrada and took mostly mountain roads. That was probably a mistake… Eventually we stopped for lunch in a tiny town. We were the only non-locals in the small family owned restaurant and were warmly received. Italians seem to adore kids so they came over and played with Alex and Drew. It was a very nice experience.

We met my parents, who were also here doing ED on an AW 335i Coupe, in Campi Bisenzio. The hotel was the Boscolo Granducato. What a stunning place!!!! We had a room with a loft that served as the master suite. The food in the hotel's restaurant was delicious!!! The major down side to this hotel is that it is far from the center of Florence and not in a particularly charming neighborhood. However they had a nice pool that the kids really enjoyed. One note of warning…the hotel charges 2 euros per towel by the pool????!!!! Outrageous! The breakfast (included) was ample and beautifully presented. If our intent was to visit Florence (which we did not want to do on this trip) we would not choose this place. However, we would return here in a heartbeat given the opportunity.

Together with my parents (and after my dad and I both washed our cars) we left Florence and went to Rome. The drive was mostly boring autostrada time with my father choosing to stick to the 130 km/h speed limit. On our way we ate lunch at a spizzaco. These places, which are at most gas stations off the autostrada, have great pizza and these delicious little fried pizza balls…This was some of the best road food we had on the entire trip and we visited spizzacos as often as possible.

Our hotel in Rome was the Sheraton Golf Parc Di Medici. The grounds were beautiful but the place is sort of far outside of Rome and in an uninspiring neighborhood. For us that was the main attraction of the place. The hotel provided a free shuttle into downtown Rome which we thought would avoid placing the cars at jeopardy and avoid parking hassles. Although the hotel had no garage it did have a secured parking area. They gave us their only connecting rooms, which consisted of a double room attached to a 2 room suite. It was beautiful and very spacious.

The first day we rode their shuttle into Rome and took the kids to the Time Elevator. For those of you who have never seen this, it is a 4-D trip through Rome's history. You ride on a moving platform and get sprayed with water or air when appropriate. Very fun!!! We ate Dinner at the hotel outside on their patio. They prepared bar-b-q style food on a huge bar-b-q and it was quite good! There was live music and a great atmosphere, although it was probably a bit too pricey. Breakfast was served indoors and was a decent buffet.

The next day we took the shuttle back into Rome and saw the forum, coliseum and spent some time shopping in the Monti district. At the coliseum we were accosted by a company offering a guided tour in English. They pointed-out that using them as guides we would avoid the 45 minute line(in the 100 degree sun) to get tickets as they already had them. I was concerned that we were being scammed, but it turned out to be a good experience. The guide did an adequate job and we did not have to wait in any long lines.

The Monti district (between the via Nazionale and the Piazza Cavour) was formerly the red light district but now is occupied by small specialty boutiques. This little shopping area is not a popular tourist destination and thus it was not crowded. Patty found some beautiful and original clothes. The boys and I gave her this shopping trip as part of her anniversary present. However because it was SO hot we returned to the hotel after a couple of hours shopping (and after a few gelatos to keep the kids going) and the kids swam. The hotel’s pool is very nice and they had ample lounges. However there were no towels to use, but a call to reception solved that problem. I could see the car from the pool, which was a nice plus. We enjoyed room service for dinner after our hectic day in Rome as we were all just too spent to sit in a restaurant.

The next morning we packed-up and headed out to San Martino in Campo (a little city near Perugia). Since it was a short drive we slept-in and took our time leaving Rome. Good thing we were in no rush since it took almost 2 hours just to get out of Rome (traffic and construction). The nav system routed us off the autostrada and onto some secondary roads. The road wound through Tuscany and the chianti region and passed us through the town of Ruffino. One of my favorite chianti’s comes from here…I was moved. We stopped for lunch at some small roadside restaurant and had a great meal of pizzas (of course) and pastas.

We finally arrived in San Martino in Campo late in the afternoon. The family function I was attending was held here at a hotel called the Alla Poste di Donini which is where we made our home for the next 4 nights. The Donini is a GORGEOUS small hotel that used to be a duke’s summer palace. The grounds are lavishly landscaped and unbelievable. We had 2 separate rooms each of which was a junior suite. The floors were hard wood as were the exposed beam ceilings. Breakfast was an ample buffet (included) that offered the ability to get an omlette. The boys and I let Patty sleep-in since we had nowhere to drive, so the waitress in the restaurant took her breakfast in bed. Her breakfast included coffee, sweet rolls with fresh butter and jam and chocolate dipped strawberries. I just can’t stress enough how truly wonderful this hotel is despite its lack of a garage.

Thursday night my sister arranged for dinner in Perugia. This town is on a mountain and is actually two towns on top of each other. Apparently in the 1300’s the village was conquered by the papal authority. The new owners did not like the town so they buried it and built a new city on top. Today people live and work in the excavated old city as well as the new parts. Perugia is a bustling college town with a famous university. The view of Umbria below is stunning. Dinner ran late and at 1:00 a.m. the town was still jumping. We ate outside and enjoyed the warm breezes and star filled skies. Dinner was a simple pizzeria but the food was outstanding. On the way back we drove through a tiny tunnel. It is amazing how nice this car sounds at high revs in a small tunnel.

Friday morning we went for a tour of the Perugina Chocolate Factory. By far the best part of this was when the tour guide began tossing bar after bar of chocolate to the kids. It was sort of unreal. We met the group back at the hotel and had lunch in the town of Asissi. This city’s central focus is its main church which is the home of the bones of Saint Francis of Asissi. These bones supposedly have curative powers and people come from miles to walk past them. The church is actually two different churches built one on top of the other. Apparently there was a dispute as to whether Saint Francis would prefer a simple or elaborate church for his burial. The resolution of the dispute came in the form of two separate but connected buildings. Asissi is at the top of a mountain and has an incredible view of Umbria. We braved the heat and went exploring the narrow cobbled streets. Walking here is not for the faint of heart…lots of hills to walk here.

After Asissi we returned to the hotel for some swimming and rest before dinner. My sister had arranged for a bus to take us to dinner in the town of Panecale which is near her “house.” It has been my brother-in-law’s dream to own some land in Italy so they purchased this “house” near Panecale. It is not habitable yet but should prove to be quite impressive. The plaque on the side indicates that it was built in 1754!

Dinner was an exercise in Italian homicide by food. The first course was a sampling of local hours d’ouvres. Next followed a dish of spinach ravioli in butter and garlic, followed by a spaghetti in meat ragu. The final dish was a beef dish that would have been delicious if I would have had room for it. Dessert was an unimaginable chocolate thing…

Saturday was spent basically by the pool and getting ready for the family event. Many of the guests were members of the LA Children’s Chorus. They honored us with a number of songs. The service took place in a 300+ year old music room. It was really moving. At the request of my nephew, all of the younger kids were involved in the ceremony which made the event more memorable for them.

The reception Saturday night was at the Donini and was another attempt at homicide by food. I ate so much that I barely remember it all. Every course was more delicious than the last! The live band was great and everybody danced and enjoyed themselves.

Sunday we all slept-in and spent the day relaxing by the pool. I did sneak out to wash the car but everybody else relaxed. Sunday night we ate dinner near the hotel. More pizza, red wine and pasta were served. I especially enjoyed a meal of pork loin in a balsamic reduction that was unreal.

Monday morning we washed and vacuumed the car and drove to Pisa. The boys were very impressed by the leaning tower. Unfortunately kids are not allowed to walk up the tower and they were both very upset about that. Alex did however get a beautiful new chess set at a chess store in Pisa. Our hotel (the Hotel Caesar) was in the town of Lido di Camaiore about ˝ hour from Pisa. The town itself was an unremarkable beach town. This hotel was our only disappointment. While not bad per se, they had attempted to decorate with a nautical theme. It just came off looking old and run down (although clean). We had a large 2 room junior suite with a great view of the beach. We would not go running back there.

On Tuesday we drove to Lake Como. This drive was by far one of the most wonderful/awful drives of the entire trip. The nav guided us over a beautiful swiss alpine road (the Saint Bernardino Pass) that was beyond breathtaking. There were water falls off the side of the road and the alps straight ahead. Part of the highway was closed and the detour routed us over some narrow 2-lane mountain roads. It was twisty and an enthusiast’s delight with many 1st gear hairpins. However, we needed to buy a Swiss road pass for about 30 dollars even though we were just passing through. Also the Swiss take their speed limits very seriously so I spent most of the day on beautiful, open freeways going 120 km/h (about 72 mph). It was so frustrating!! Then we got to go through Austria and then finally into Germany. I was excited to hit the autobahn and make some good time. Too bad there was so much traffic and construction.

Our hotel in Lake Como was the Metropole Suisse au Lac. It is right on the lake and we had a beautiful 2 room junior suite with an enormous bathroom and enclosed sunroom overlooking the lake. We were perplexed as to why the bathroom was so big…We took a boat tour of the lake and were completely blown away by the beauty of the surroundings. Words can not even begin to describe how picturesque Lake Como is. We had dinner at a small pizzeria and once again enjoyed a beautiful night outdoors. The included breakfast was fine.

Wednesday we drove from Lake Como to Lake Konstanz, Germany. We stayed at the See Hotel in Friedrichshafen for our third time. The kids call this the rubber ducky hotel because they always give out rubber ducks to the kids. We really like this place! The hotel is modern and styled with contemporary art and simple, elegant furniture. I am not clear why it is only rated as a 2 star by Michelin. Maybe Michelin is not as impressed with the garage as I am. They were thoughtful enough to provide plenty of water sources for car washing. I took full advantage of the facilities and washed my car. They gave us a nice junior suite with modern design and lots of space. We walked around the old part of the town and enjoyed some ice cream by the shores of the lake.

For dinner we ended-up at a small Italian restaurant. The boys had pizza (of course) but we really wanted schnitzel. The chef was kind enough to make us a delicious wienerschnitzel with boiled potatoes. We ate well and left very happy!! The breakfast buffet (included) was elaborate and had some of the best chocolate croissants we have ever had.

The next day we were planning to go see the blimp museum in Friedrichshafen, but the weather forecast for the following day (the day we planned to go to Legoland) included heavy rain. We chose to book it out of Friedrichshafen and head over to Ulm (and Legoland). A drive that should have taken an hour and a half took close to 3 thanks to construction and heavy traffic. I did however have the opportunity to get the car up to its speed limiter of 152 mph. One sure uses gas at an outrageous rate at that speed!!

Legoland was great as always. There were few people and the weather was cool and comfortable (for the first time on the trip). We left the park at 6:00 and got to our hotel, the Maritim in Ulm, at 6:30. We were surprised to find that they had given us a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite. It was gorgeous! We had dinner at a place we tried last time, Bar Fusser. This is a local beer brewery and was packed. We all had wienerschnitzel which the boys thought was the best they ever had. Their house “blonde” beer was excellent!

Our original plan had been to go to Legoland the next day, but rain changed that. So we adapted and gave ourselves a relaxation day. Everybody slept-in and ate a leisurely breakfast. After that we went exploring Ulm on foot. I took us to the old fisherman’s quarter which was very charming. Narrow cobblestone streets lined with small boutique shops. We accidentally happened upon the best restaurant in Ulm for lunch (or so says our taxi driver), called the Bunfthaus. This place has been around since the 1500’s. The building originally served as a gate house to control the entry into and exit from Ulm. We sampled some local cuisine including pancakes with corned beef, tomatoes and onions. WONDERFUL!!! After that we went walking around the neighborhood and found the “crooked house.” While this structure was somewhat straightened in the 1970’s so as to be structurally sound, it is still very crooked. I wonder how many beers the builder must have consumed during this building’s construction.

The next day we drove to Heidelberg. Much of this drive was spent cruising at 130-140 with occasional sprints to 152. It is amazing how efficiently you can cover ground with no speed limit!

On the way we stopped at the Am Technik Museum in Speyer. The nav was unhappy with the fact that the main road into Speyer was closed for construction. But what the heck…it was a weekend so I drove around the barriers figuring nobody would be working on the road on the weekend (I was wrong). The good news is there was no traffic. The better news is that I didn’t get caught. The best news is that it took us right to the museum! This museum is every gearhead’s dream. On display are vehicles of all sorts that you can climb on/into. They have a bunch of old airliners that are “mounted” very high in the air. You climb MANY stairs and have 2 choices of ways down…one is via stairs and the other is via a slide. Alex and Patty said the slide was really fun!

We stayed at the Marriott in Heidelberg. Their garage is large and has plenty of safe parking places. The rooms (they only have 2 connecting rooms) were not ready by the time we got there (around 5:00 pm) so we went into town and had dinner. We were all so tired that I can’t remember where we ate. The guest service manager felt bad about the issue with the rooms so he sent up some apple juice and cookies for the kids and sparkling wine and fruit for the grown-ups. At the hotel we ran into some fellow Southern California BMW CCA members who were in the area for a club driver’s school at the Nurburgring. While I knew about the school it just was not in the cards.

The next morning for breakfast I ran into Judy Ray, owner of Driving Concepts racing school. It was great seeing somebody I know and admire so far from home. The buffet (not included) was ample and served in a restaurant overlooking the river.

We left Heidelberg and made a quick 140 mile run to Nurnberg. There we stayed at the Arabella Sheraton Carlton. This place was beautiful. Unfortunately their garage was closed for construction so we had to park on the street. For dinner we walked into the old town and ate at the local Bar Fusser (see Ulm above). It was another delicious dinner! We were fascinated to note how prevalent adult entertainment was in the old town.

The final drive was about 90 miles from Nurnberg to Munich. I took the chance to run as hard as possible. We played around with a VW Eos for a while, but that really was no challenge. He ran out of steam at 135 or so, and I was still pulling strong. We made great time that day!

I dropped Patty and Drew at the hotel, the Arabella Sheraton Munich Airport. We have stayed here a few times and it is clean and nice enough. They have a shuttle to the airport that runs every half hour and the terminal is only about 10 minutes away. Their breakfast (not included) is VERY nice! This hotel does have a nice garage (that I used in 2005).

Alex and I took the car to a carwash. There we vacuumed it, washed it, and put on one last coat of Zaino. We got to Harms by 1:30 and were back at the hotel, via taxi (actually an employee of Harms) by 2:30. The drop-off process was totally painless as Thomas speaks great English. We were somewhat alarmed to see him walking out of the office carrying an electric drill…and relieved to learn that it was to remove the front license plate. Fortunately I had cleaned it thoroughly (removing the hundreds of highway casualties) but still it was placed in a plastic sleeve for us to take home as a souvenir.

We had dinner at a small Italian restaurant down the street from the hotel (there are only 2 restaurant choices). It was a very nice meal that was simple and inexpensive (which was good since it was cash only). The boys had more Pizza. Patty enjoyed a bowl of tomato soup and a caprese salad. I had some potato soup and a bowl of pasta carbonara.

The last day we got up early and made it to the Munich airport with plenty of time. Following Rolf’s advice we went straight to the Lufthansa business desk on the upper floor of the airport. There was no line and we got from the entrance of the airport, to check-in and through security in less than 20 minutes. Guess I didn’t need to be there 3 hours early…

In all we drove 2,110 miles in 3 weeks. The car is unbelievable! We were impressed by its compliant ride, taut handling, awe inspiring acceleration and powerful brakes. The steering is a bit heavy for parking but very communicative. The a/c works well and the stereo sounds beautiful. The kids had plenty of legroom in the back and enjoyed the center arm rest with the cup holders. They also appreciated the rear a/c vents. There was no shortage of trunk space either. BMW’s navigation system might not be as good as those in the Japanese cars, but it worked well for us. Overall we got about 22 mpg. That would have been better if I focused more on fuel economy and less on enjoying the car. BMW’s sport seats remain some of the most comfortable seats out there. Patty and I enjoyed the adjustable width side bolsters on the backrests, closing them in during spirited mountain driving. The cruise control has the ability to apply the brakes to maintain the pre-set speed on downhill stretches. I noticed an illuminated ring around the speedometer that reveals a blip of light at the speed set in the cruise control. We both enjoyed the comfort access option that allows you to open and start the car without inserting the key. After 3 weeks in this car I totally understand why BMW has a back order on these things.

I have a few tips for people traveling with kids:

1. Get to the airport with plenty of extra time. They won’t understand the need to rush around and it will only make people cranky.
2. Have new toys for the kids to open on the plane. The novelty will keep them entertained for a while.
3. Use “Earplanes”. These are great little pressure equalizing ear plugs that really help during take-off and landing
4. If you have more than one kid, don’t sit them together on the plane. A little absence makes the heart grow fonder and all
5. The Sony PSP is a great travel device. They can play games and watch movies on these things. The battery lasted for nearly 10 hours of continuous play. Batterygeek.net sells auxiliary battery packs that offer another 14 hours of play. A definite must have!
6. Headphones with active noise cancellation are the best! Even if you are not listening to anything, reducing the ambient noise has a great effect on fatigue.
7. Make sure you have plenty of snacks for the kids on the plane. It is best to take things they usually don’t get to eat so it will be a treat.
8. Use Zicam and Airborne at least every 6 hours while on the plane. Everybody should take these to try and avoid getting sick.
9. Benadryl might help your kids sleep, but melatonin will probably help more. Beware that Benadryl can actually have the opposite effect and make your kids wired. Try it at home first. Also beware of the fact that it can work differently at different times. One couple with young twins on the flight home used Benadryl. After the first dose the kids slept for hours. The next dose however made the kids wired.
10. Wash your kids’ hands as often as possible.
11. Make sure you ask the airline for kids’ meals. Most airlines also offer some sort of activity for the kids while onboard.
12. If your child can sit without a car seat, they should. While having a car seat on the plane restrains the child nicely and may be comfortable for the kid, they take up a lot of seat space and are hard to get onto and off of the plane. Everybody will have more space without one.
13. Speaking of car seats note that the EU requires that a child use at least a booster up to the age of 12!
14. Talk honestly with your kids about the plane ride and what to expect. Be very clear about how you want them to behave.
15. When planning an itinerary leave out most of the museums, churches and other things of that ilk. While it is always good to expose kids to those things young kids simply will not get it. They will be bored and will start whining in short order. Avoiding these things to the extent possible will ultimately make for a more pleasant trip. Try to plan an itinerary that includes child friendly activities. The cultural experiences will still be there when the kids are older.
16. If you see a nice, safe looking park, let the kids play in it. Even a half hour of park time can really improve the kid(s) mood.
17. Speaking of snacks…if traveling by car like we did, keep snacks in the car which do not make lots of crumbs. Even chocolate is easier to clean on the road than crumbs are.
18. Take a dry course of antibiotics just in case.
19. Most roadside bathrooms in Europe have some cost associated with them. In Germany we found that adults needed to pay 2 euros to use the bathroom. Kids generally are free. Italian roadside bathrooms usually had a person sitting outside collecting “tips”. If an adult is using the bathroom make the kids use it too. The last thing you want is to make another stop 10 minutes down the road.
20. If driving, try to take breaks for the kids no less often than every 2 hours.
21. I almost forgot one of the most important things…carry changes of clothes on the plane for the kids AND the adults! It does no good that half your wardrobe is in the hold below if you get “dirty” during the flight.

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post. In case you are wondering the car is a 335i Coupe, Silver/black, 6-speed, Sport, Premium, Navigation, Cold Weather, Comfort Access, Rear PDC, Rear Sunshade, HD Radio, Sirius, and USB iPod adapter.
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Old 08-09-2007, 10:10 PM
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AWESOME review! I read the whole thing, it was great!!! Makes me want to do ED, but with the X5...
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Old 08-09-2007, 10:29 PM
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Very nice write-up and pics! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully we can do a Euro Delivery on our next non ///M car purchase to take advantage of the discounts and be able to drive the car in Europe.

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Another fantastic ED for you Randy. Nice to see your Dad in on the action too... again. I'm not sure if there is anyone who has done ED more times than you. I know I keep telling you that I will do ED and I will, someday. I think when my current E90 lease is up, or maybe next year which is 2 years into the 3 year lease, I'll look into doing it.

Whenever I do it I will DEFINITELY be talking to you.

Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks all!

PNG - I remain at your disposal! Happy to do anything I can to help.
05 X3 3.0 Sp, Prem, Xenons, CW, Nav, DSP, 6-Speed, Privacy Glass, Servotronic [/IMG] http://randall-harris.com/sitebuilder/images/IMG_3399-600x450.jpg[/IMG]
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Originally Posted by trueX5er
AWESOME review! I read the whole thing, it was great!!! Makes me want to do ED, but with the X5...
Keep dreaming

It'd be great if I could do ED on a BMW and stop by the Nurburgring on one of the open weekends. But of course, that's many many many years away.
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Old 08-10-2007, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32
Keep dreaming

It'd be great if I could do ED on a BMW and stop by the Nurburgring on one of the open weekends. But of course, that's many many many years away.
I did the 'ring many years ago but apparently they have a new rule that bans cars with export plates (like ED cars). It really sucks. Even though I was really close on this vacation I didn't even bother...too much of a tease.
05 X3 3.0 Sp, Prem, Xenons, CW, Nav, DSP, 6-Speed, Privacy Glass, Servotronic [/IMG] http://randall-harris.com/sitebuilder/images/IMG_3399-600x450.jpg[/IMG]
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Wow, it sounds like that was A LOT of fun. It was great that the kids enjoyed it... Have fun with your new BMW
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Old 08-14-2007, 04:48 AM
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Hallo there neebr!
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Great write up.. Would you believe some years ago we towed a caravan over the Great St Bernard Pass.

“Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”
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