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Old 03-18-2008, 09:28 PM
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BMW "Project i" launched

Since the release of its official strategy back in September, media sources around the world have been speculating that BMW is looking at either launching its own new brand or acquiring one to help its expansion. CEO Norbert Reithofer has now revealed that BMW is establishing a new environmental think-tank dubbed ‘Project i’, whose task it is to develop a number of solutions for a vehicle designed for congested city motoring.

Project i will run independently to BMW and has been given until the middle of the next decade to develop a concrete solution for the city car. “The task of the Project i team is to present specific solutions in the first half of the next decade. Whether this will require a fourth brand or not, will be decided at a later date,” Reithofer told reporters from Auto Motor und Sport.

Reithofer explained that no final decision had been made as to what powertrain the new vehicle will use. “This is why we have decided to focus on a wide range of technological options,” he said. “An electric motor is an option we are looking into. It does not only work at zero-emission level. The technology is now sophisticated enough to offer driving pleasure.”

By the end of this year, Reithofer confirmed that a decision will be made on the drive system and that the decision for a new brand will only be made once the initial designs for the new vehicle is complete.

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Old 03-18-2008, 09:32 PM
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I was so confused on why you were starting a BMW project when I skimmed it.
Then I read the whole thing.
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Old 03-19-2008, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by trueX5er
I was so confused on why you were starting a BMW project when I skimmed it.
Then I read the whole thing.

Anyway... sounds interesting, and promising. To show Toyota who's boss?
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Old 03-26-2009, 12:26 AM
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Update on "Project i" from Autobild(translated with Google):

The "Project i". The i stands for BMW for innovative, intelligent, inspired. "Project i" is not just a single car, but an entire family.

When it comes to saving, has BMW Efficient Dynamics with a real advantage out there. So viel Spartechnik quer durch alle Modelle hat keine andere Marke im Programm. So much saving technology across all models has no other brand in the program. Auf der IAA im September wollen die Münchener die zweite Stufe von Efficient Dynamics zünden – mit einer Studie, die so gar nicht nach Spritknausern aussieht: radikal aufregend die Karosserie, die sogar den legendären M1 in den Schatten stellen soll, dazu ein aufgeladener Vierzylinder-Heckmotor mit 300 PS , zwei 50 PS starke Radnaben-Elektromotoren in den Vorderrädern – was für ein Sportwagen ! At the IAA in September to Munich, the second stage of the Efficient Dynamics ignited - with a study, so did not Spritknausern looks radically exciting the body, even the legendary M1 in the shadows shall be charged, a four-engine rear with 300 hp, two 50-hp wheel hub motors in the front wheels - what a sports car! Den wünschen sich viele Markenfans am liebsten morgen im Showroom. The desire of many fans prefer to mark tomorrow in the showroom. Auch wenn diese Studie nie in Serie gehen wird, ihre inneren Werte hat BMW längst auf das Projekt ZX übertragen, das als Z2 schon 2013 Wirklichkeit werden soll. Although this study never go into production is their intrinsic values BMW has long project on the ZX, which is already Z2 as 2013 to become a reality.

Z2 is driving the flagship of the "Project i"

The roadster and coupe planned two-seater will be driving the flagship of the Project i - BMW calls it a planned series of future models of austerity, the Kontrapunkt a green place to be smart and to the Audi A1. Zuständig für die Z2-Entwicklung ist die Motorsportabteilung, wo auch der Supersport-1er und ein weiteres Sportwagenprojekt in der Mache sind. Responsible for the Z2-development is the motorsports division, where the super sports 1er and another sports car project in the Making are. Die M-Truppe arbeitet Schulter an Schulter mit dem Team um Ulrich Kranz, der seit wenigen Wochen das Project i verantwortet. The M-Force is working shoulder to shoulder with the team to Ulrich Kranz, who has been few weeks i is responsible for the Project. BMW will die sauberen und sparsamen i-Modelle unbedingt im Alleingang stemmen. BMW wants to clean and efficient i-models necessarily lift alone. Der Deal mit Alfa/ Fiat ist wieder vom Tisch, und die Kooperation mit Mercedes beschränkt sich zunächst auf den Einkauf – trotz offenkundiger Parallelen zwischen Project i und Smart. The deal with Alfa / Fiat is back on the table, and the cooperation with Mercedes initially limited to the purchase - despite obvious parallels between i and Project Smart. Nur Peugeot darf mit ins Boot und hat Zugriff auf die neuen aufgeladenen Vierzylinder-Direkteinspritzer. Only Peugeot allowed into the boat and has access to the new four-cylinder turbocharged direct injection.

The most extreme member of the family is the successor of the BMW C1

The most extreme response to future mobility: As a successor of the C1 is a "City Scooter" on the program. It offers space for two people and more security at the crash site.

The Project-i-family consists of the following options:
• Megacity Vehicle: two city cars, rear engine / rear-wheel drive, brand mini, series start 2012
• Z2, Roadster and Coupé: two-seater, front engine / rear-wheel drive, BMW brand, series start 2013
• four-Coupé: Front engine / rear-wheel drive, BMW brand, series start 2013 • City Scooter: two scooter, BMW motorcycle, 2012
• Launch Mini Van: four-room concept, front engine / front wheel drive, Mini brand, launch the 2014th Die Zuordnung der Produkte zu den Marken Mini und BMW ist ebenso eindeutig wie nachvollziehbar. The assignment of products to BMW and Mini brands is just as clearly understandable. Die Technik der neuen Baureihe erinnert in ihrer modularen Struktur zumindest bei den Autos an einen Lego-Baukasten. The technique is reminiscent of the new series in its modular structure, at least for the cars to a Lego kit. Die wesentlichen Elemente: • Fahrschemel für Frontmotor/Frontantrieb
• Fahrschemel für Frontmotor/Hinterradantrieb
• Fahrschemel für Heckmotor/Hinterradantrieb
• Vorderwagen mit oder ohne angetriebene Achse
• Hinterwagen mit oder ohne angetriebene Achse
• Triebkopf, bestehend aus Motor, Getriebe, Differenzial. The key elements:
• Fahrschemel Front engine / front-wheel drive
• Fahrschemel Front engine / rear-wheel drive
• Fahrschemel for rear engine / rear-wheel drive
• Front car with or without driven axle
• Rear car with or without driven axle
• driving head, consisting of engine, transmission, differential. Klingt hochflexibel und clever, ist aber technisch sehr anspruchsvoll. Sounds highly flexible and clever, but is technically very demanding. Denn BMW muss mit überschaubaren Entwicklungskosten drei verschiedene Konzepte beherrschen: Vorderrad-, Standard- und Hinterradantrieb mit Motor hinten. Indeed, BMW has manageable development costs with three different approaches dominate: front, standard, and rear-wheel drive with rear engine. Vor allem der dritte Punkt dürfte eine harte Nuss werden – auch VW ist bei seiner New Small Family (Studienname: Up! ) zum Frontantrieb zurückgekehrt. Especially the third point should be a hard nut to crack - even VW is at its New Small Family (Study Name: Up!) For front-wheel drive returned.

The Z2 is however a relatively easy exercise - in the truest sense of the word. Das Zielgewicht der Serie liegt dicht an der magischen 1000-Kilo-Marke. The target weight of the series is close to the magic 1000-kilo mark. Statt teurer Werkstoffe wie Kohlefaser, Titan oder Magnesium sollen hochfeste Stähle eingesetzt werden. Instead of expensive materials like carbon fiber, titanium and magnesium to high-strength steels are used. Durch innovatives Umformen (Origami-Leichtbau) und neuartige Fügetechniken entsteht auf bestehenden Anlagen eine sehr steife und leichte Rohkarosse. Through innovative forming (origami-lightweight) and novel techniques to existing facilities at a very stiff and light body-in-white. Bestimmte Baugruppen wie Fahrwerk oder Kunststoff-Beplankung will BMW kostengünstig von Zulieferern beziehen. Certain components such as gear or plastic planking BMW wants cheaply from suppliers. Für den Z2 sind drei Antriebs-Alternativen geplant:
• Elektromotor mit Lithium-Ionen-Batterien vom Systempartner AC Propulsion
• Hybridantrieb mit Range Extender (kleiner Verbrennungsmotor lädt während der Fahrt die Batterien nach und erhöht die Reichweite)
• 1,6-Liter-Turbo-Benzin-Direkteinspritzer, 150/204 PS Mit der kleinen Maschine soll der aerodynamisch ausgefeilte Z2 als Coupé hochgerechnet unter fünf Liter verbrauchen und weniger als 90 g CO 2 pro km ausstoßen. For the Z2, three powertrain options are planned:
• Electric motor with lithium-ion batteries from AC Propulsion System Partners
• Hybrid Drive with Range Extender (small internal combustion engine while the vehicle loading the batteries and increases the range)
• 1.6-liter turbo gasoline direct injection, 150/204 hp with the small machine, the Z2 sophisticated aerodynamic coupe than projected under five liters and consume less than 90 g CO 2 emissions per km.

The electronic version of the Z2 could be around 50,000 euros to be really expensive

Sure, that one in favor of the low weight, while maintaining the equipment to be supplied. Das heißt: kein Elektroverdeck, keine Klimaanlage, kein Doppelkupplungsgetriebe. That means no electric roof, no air conditioning, no dual-clutch gearbox. Statt Komfortsitzen sind einteilige Sitzschalen vorgesehen, die Zentralverriegelung wird magnetisch aktiviert, für den Antrieb von Servolenkung und Lichtmaschine ist die Bremsenergie zuständig, die mechanischen Instrumente müssen einem hauchdünnen LED-Display weichen. Instead of seating comfort are one-piece seat, which is central magnetically activated for driving the alternator and power steering, the braking energy responsible for the mechanical instruments shall have a razor-thin LED display soft. Trotz gestraffter Prozessabläufe und deutlich geringerer Fertigungstiefe (der Anteil der selbst hergestellten Teile) können die Project-i-Modelle an jedem beliebigen Standort vom Band laufen. Despite streamlined processes and significantly lower production depth (the share of own-produced parts), the Project-i-models to be anywhere from the tape running. Weil Fahrschemel, Vorder-/ Hinterwagen und Triebköpfe weitgehend vereinheitlicht werden, glaubt BMW , selbst mit geringen Stückzahlen von rund 40.000 Fahrzeugen pro Jahr gewinnbringend arbeiten zu können. Because Fahrschemel, front / rear drive cars and heads largely unified, says BMW, even with small numbers of around 40,000 vehicles per year profit to be able to work. Doch das dürfte nicht einfach sein. But that should not be easy. Denn zu den geschätzt 30.000 Euro für den Basis-Z2 kämen bei einer kostendeckend kalkulierten Elektroversion noch mindestens 20.000 Euro für das Batteriepaket. Because of the estimated 30,000 euros for the base-Z2 would come with a cost-recovery calculated electric version is still at least 20,000 euros for the battery pack. Da könnte so mancher grün denkender Kunde vor Ärger rasch rot anlaufen. As could be so many green-minded client before trouble started soon rot.

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Old 06-29-2009, 11:06 PM
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Coming to US market by 2012

Having the right products in the right niches might be the key to sales success for automakers when the economy emerges from its stay in the ICU. BMW’s plan is to develop a super-efficient car family code-named “Project i.” The first car will be launched in 2012. It will be smaller and cost less than the next BMW 1-series or Mini Cooper, both of which will come to market in 2011.

BMW is no longer pursuing small-volume niche cars such as the near-six-figure SUV version of the 7-series, dubbed the X7; the SUV-like X4 coupe; the diminutive Z2 roadster; and the company’s Audi R8 competitor, the small mid-engine CS sports car.

Instead, BMW will devote those resources to a three-door hatchback currently referred to as the BMW “City.” According to BMW chairman and CEO Norbert Reithofer, the City is designed specifically for the U.S. market to meet California’s Zero-Emission-Vehicle (ZEV) requirements that call for large-volume manufacturers to sell ZEVs by 2012. Smaller than a Honda Fit, the BMW City will be a four-seater powered by an electric motor. Styling will be BMW-like, with short overhangs, a wide track, and a low roofline. Electricity will be stored in a water-cooled lithium-ion battery pack that is expected to provide a 100-mile range. Other versions of the City will get a gas or diesel engine and are being developed for Asian markets, particularly China. It hasn’t been decided whether the electric City will be badged as a Mini or a BMW. Reithofer also hinted that it may get a new name. BMW holds the rights to Riley and Triumph, but considering the reputation of electrical systems in British cars, redeploying those old names probably isn’t the best idea.

2012 / 2013 BMW City / Project i - Car News/Latest News & Reviews/Car Shopping/Hot Lists/Reviews/Car and Driver - Car And Driver
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