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Old 04-29-2021, 08:12 AM
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motordavid will become famous soon enoughmotordavid will become famous soon enough
Remarkable thread, images, and narrative as your usual!
5 Stars and excellent stuff!
GL, mD
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Old 05-01-2021, 03:19 AM
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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
I straddled up the circa 1999 pivot bike BMW rack for the E53 and off I went... Searching for either a tree or a pot. I needed to pee.
I think it was a Burger King where I devoured a Whopper and considered my next destination. I was headed down I-95 and then to Tampa. I wanted a cool place to ride and about 1/2 way between the two.. Enter: Amelia Island, FL. I recalled both that a buddy was married here and that they have a hoity toity car show. How bad could it be, right? I checked in before dusk and was off to find solitude.. It's not too far away as it turns out:

As dusk darkened past the point that a bike lane offers safety, I had to leave the Amelia Island Greenway. It was very nice.
I toddled off to 'dinner' of dried fruit and peanut butter. I am a simple man.

The morning was an early start after a late planning session of the northern side of the Island. I rode in circles for a little bit, but finally got away from this section of WTFamI.
ONce on the longer path and in the the state park, all kinds of fun was to be had..
And so next was the sign that I feel like I might've appreciated sooner than 2 miles into the damn woods.
And so it was, back to my room for a shower and a checkout before heading off to see family near Tampa, FL. This little bit of humor had me smiling for a little while.
So I loaded up the bikes on the E53 and prepared for another few hundred trouble-free miles.
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Old 05-01-2021, 11:52 AM
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: At the wheel of a Bimmer
Posts: 1,990
PropellerHead is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
So I loaded up the bikes on the E53 and prepared for another few hundred trouble-free miles.
But of course, it *is* an E53, rt fellas?

I think the resistors on my LED AE's is fading in and out of service based on heat. Sometimes, the 'check side lights' error would come up and then just as quickly, it'd fade away. The light themselves are my DRL's along with the fogs, so I can see them in the reflections from shiny cars. They never blinked. Add to that bit-o-fun that my tail lights need to be soldered after fewer than 3 years in service. Every now and again, the error to check my rear tails would ping up as well. Then the socket would make a solid connection and poof! All good again. Anyway, I will attack that sometime this weekend.

Minutes after a quick bike repair and test ride in Tampa, I was relaxing in the warmth of a Spring sunset with my nephew, brother and sister in law. This is a new place for them in Apollo Beach, so it was nice to see their new home and relax. Like many of us, it'd been over a year since I had seen them. Always nice to be around the people you can relax with.
After drinks on the patio, a nearby brewery allowed some time and a new friend for about 13 seconds. She went right back to sleep almost as soon as we'd met. This happens to me with bitches in bars all the time.
On our last night, we went to a beach bar to watch the sunset. What are they teaching the kids these days?
But it was a nice sunset looking out across the bay at St. Pete.
And then, the happy E53 surprise of the week. I sooo wanty this for dedicated snows.
And so it was my time to run home. For my last post in this thread, I will wrap up a great day in Edisto Beach. A bit out of order, but a fun story nonetheless. I hope you guys have enjoyed this little adventure. It sure has been nice feeling like catching up with the world again. I'm looking fwd to my new role on Monday. For an added twist (and a huge, why the hell not factor) I selected a MacBook Pro for my new job. That's quite a thing as I have not used an Apple product for my primary device since the MacPlus I had in 1988. This should be a fun adjustment while I learn a new job. Nothing like jumping into the fire, rt fellas?
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Old 05-01-2021, 12:31 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: At the wheel of a Bimmer
Posts: 1,990
PropellerHead is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
For my last post in this thread, I will wrap up a great day in Edisto Beach. A bit out of order, but a fun story nonetheless.
This day on the beach began like so many on the beach. Saddled into a bike and off for some place different to eat. My coffee shop was closed on this day, but the taco place next door was open. These might be the best breakfast tacos I've eaten.

They were so good I loaded up for lunch and carried it home for the girls.

Of course, it was after noon (if not barely so) and I decided the smart thing to do was to finish the 12 pack from the other day while I watch the world go by on the deck. Minutes later, and out of beer, it was time for another ride. This time, I thought I'd swing in to the bait and tackle shop just to see if they had some bright shirts for being seen whilst riding. Sure enough, I found bright pink, orange, and yellow. As reflective as traffic cones each one. What I did not realize is that I'd picked up an orange one that did NOT have the requisite Edisto Beach livery.. No.. no.. This one had some other endorsement that my lit up ass did not see until my wife challenged me the next day: "What is ON your shirt?" "What? The orange one?"

Pro tip: When you buy clothes at a bait and tackle shop, it's buyer-be-warned. And for the older fellas...pack your readers.
So, while there, I asked if they'd let me drink beers out of the cooler while I sat on their dock. They were accommodating and I headed to the water. There, I found an older gentleman named Gordon in a kayak. He called for help so I told him I would. I said I don't know much about boats, but I could lend him a boost if he needed out. He didn't have the wind to blow into the whistle they gave him at the shop, so I ran to get the young man in the shop and we both oriented Gordon and his rented kayak.

Gordon looked like he needed a beer, so I offered him a seat and as many beers as he'd like. Me and Gordon got along well while the natives kept a watchful eye.

We chatted for an hour or so before he said he'd need to get back to his bride who is infirmed and cannot walk. I walked with him up the peer to send him off and he stopped at the bike rack. Sure enough, Gordon hopped on a bike from the early 80's and toddled off to ride home. Gordon is 84 years old.

After beers with Gordon, I invited my wife to walk up to the bar for dinner. The BBQ was unexpectedly on point for a place above a bait shop. We went around the world on their 4 taps and then I did everything I could not to face plant on the ride home. It was short, but I probably rode twice as long by doing way, way too many circles. Our last day in Edisto had been a wind-down special, and it was glorious.
My last week before the new job has been spent home, buttoning up things on the X5 and elsewhere that I don't expect to have time for a while after next week. And goes today's project with the tail lights. That will begin in a bit. The pool is open today and that's a project that will keep the midnight oil burning for awhile.

That brings my updates from the road to a close. Thanks again for reading. And remember, all of this fun was brought to us courtesy of an 18 year old BMW. Nearly 3,000 miles, break neck speeds, and 80lbs of rack and bikes in tow. Narry a whisper of trouble from the car but for the silly light warnings. Something weird happened to me at 150k... Lights on the dash are no longer a problem. Like a baby that cries when hurt.. at least the thing is breathing.

Until next time, fellas...

Last edited by PropellerHead; 05-01-2021 at 12:40 PM.
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Old 05-01-2021, 01:23 PM
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I hope that new Apple product is going to be put to use at some hipster online publication doing travel blogs. *Fingers crossed* That way we can all enjoy more great yarns written in your bard-like style.

Great read as always prop. Thanks for taking us for the ride with you on the tandem cycle via your keyboard and camera.
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