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Old 03-20-2007, 10:07 PM
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Whistle Autobild Test: Q7 vs. X5 Vs. Cayenne S

Test by Autobild. Q7 is # 1 followed by X5 and Cayenne S at the third spot. Text translated using Google so take it for that.

Video of X5
Video of Porsche

Audi Q7


Cayenne S

The formula for SUV is fast avowed, it results from the abbreviation: SUV stands for sport utility Vehicle. Sporty, useful vehicles thus. Useful is plentifully present. There bundle themselves overview, much place, variability and all wheel climbing art in just as practical as weighty prosperity package. Whereby alone this collection of everyday life virtues contributes heavily to the fact that large SUV is sosuccessful despite all CO2-Schelte to time. Sportyness is not really against it the first purchase argument for hochbeinige thick ships. Except, if AUDI, BMW or Porsche draufsteht. More exactly: the Q7 4,2 FSI quattro with 350 HP, newBMW X5 4.8i with 355 HP and the recently revisedPorsche Cayenne S with 385 HP.

In addition, straight one for these splendour copies applies: The letter V stands for Völlerei. Because the cost prices of at least 66,610 euro (Porsche) and/or 67,200 for the AUDI and 68,700 for BMW are not only happig, also at the Tanksäule require them all together an extra impact. But we do not want to place this topic into the center. Who can afford these jumbo jets, does not begin to cry also at the gas station. This time we are interested rather in the intelligent technology, which makes the thick ships Chefdynamikern.

Extreme road-hugging properties owing to stabilization
The magic word is called owing to stabilization. Here the side inclination in curves is reduced during full travel or prevented even completely. AUDI is this stabilization function into the 2575 euro expensive pneumatic cushioning adaptive air suspension. BMW connects the active absorption adaptive drive with a hydraulically supported body reconciliation (3290 euro). Porsche offers a completely similar principle, required for the PDCC to 3213 euro however must this extra as well as the electronically regulated pneumatic springs for additional 2963 euro be ordered.
Those are proud prices for a willful (body) attitude. How effectively the systems are real, we determined on the racing course (see tables on page 2). With all on highest conditions: the equipment, the security situation and fürstliche available space inclusive of best transportation qualities. Whereby we to finely differentiate here want: BMW shines with an equipment projection/lead and its comprehensive security concept inclusive adaptive stop light and xenon light. AUDI holds with functionality and variability as well as the best seats against it. Porsche makes itself strong at other front, leaves the strongest engine of the line.

4,8-Liter-V8: In 6.8 seconds the Cayenne on speed is 100.
At all are in the drive Porsche - as also with AUDI and BMW naturally - leaking first added. The bitingly winding up V8 is supplied by a gasoline direct injection with Sprit, receives support by the cam shaft adjustment Variocam plus and scoops torque reserves from an adjustable air intake system. Thus it is easy for that to setthe thick Cayenne in march. After 6.8 seconds it heaves it on speed 100, only with 250 ends the thrust. However: The potent eight-cylinder sounds rather reservedly mechanical. Only with an optional sport exhaust system (2606 euro) the Cayenne with adequate sports car voice roars. That would be also in accordance with the high drivingdynamic Potenzial.

Driving safety stands before exaggerated Agility
With pointed, to very direct steering element the Cayenne reacts extremely spontaneously on course changes. Felt the structure remains thereby into the frontier inside in the balance. In addition comes a helpful load change reaction, which lets the Porsche in curves pivot spontaneously. Fast-reacting cooperation of the driver requires - however otherwise only sedans or hochkarätige sports cars feel so wonderful actively. There AUDI cannot keep up. The Q7 is rather adjusted to journeys despite variable spring temper. In principle it moves likewise actively and stably by curves, can with its sensitive steering element perfectly be corrected. But the ESP fights each beginning of Ausrutschern overeagerly. Slogan: Absolute driving safety stands before exaggerated Agility.
Comfort: In the Q7 - oh which hammers, - as in the Porsche a muskulöses direct injecting RH ore pounds. Only sounds the 4,2 FSI von Audi more fullly, stronger. The V8 on the paper is more schlapper than the strong piece in the Cayenne.

Hiding places does not have itself the AUDI powerfully in the wind. Passages and the impressive maximum speed of 248 km/h show: The FSI technology has AUDI firmly in the grasp. Exactly like sovereigns the handling with high speed. Starting from speeds of 120 and 160 km/h the body of the Q7 lowers itself in steps. Together with the variable steering element a outstanding straight line discharge results. Like a rifle bullet the Q7 sweeps nearly ballistically stable over the motorway. In addition the balanced character of the pneumatic cushioning fits. In the Comfort mode the gently bouncing Q7 resembles a luxury sedan.

On the other hand the X5 behaves almost zappelig. Particularly with high speed the driver must hold sensitivly the course. The synthetically responding active steering element with variable translation requires frequent correcting. That does not add itself for the otherwise steadfast picture of the largeX5. As consistently the Trumm forward-storms, is a poem. Brachial breaks the Bavarian a flight corridor by the wind, pulls through bärig, sounds sportily bad knurrend and storms in 7.3 seconds on 100. And with low consumption. Exemplary also the brakes with mad delay.

The comfort in addition, is braked - by the taut basic adjustment of the X5. Particularly passengers in the rear suffer from unsensiblem responsing mode. The X5 gives in spontaneously, remains left in alternate attempts, works alone over the Wankausgleich around worlds more agiler, than it lets its weight class assume. Objectively the X5 is however hardly speedier than the Q7. Close radii does not like BMW, pushes here over the front tires outward. Against the Cayenne it looks even expressed old with this interpretation. Because that is really the Porsche under the super SUV.

AUDI Q7 - totally safe: AUDI uses the electronically regulated shock absorbers (with adaptive air suspension), in order to minimize structure movements. The absorbers place themselves harder, if the Q7 in fast driving along curves threatens to bounce outside more strongly. However the system can affect only the immersing speed, which in change curves or when avoiding is very favourable. A longer continuing support does not carry this stabilization out. In far curves - for example in a motorway departure - the AUDI leans. Only easily, but in the interior noticeably. To the driving dynamics applies: In principle the ESP of the Q7 is extremely carefully adjusted - however speed on the dynamic distance robs.

BMW X5 - fast, but does not provoke-expenditure: A hydraulic system lifts itself with up to 850 Nm of the wankenden body of the X5 against. Divided stabilizers are connected in front and in the back by one placing element each. Threatens to the right to bend for example BMW in a link curve, hydraulics links the right side up of the stabilizer, supported then the vehicle suspension system. In consequence the X5 at the curve exterior cannot bounce so strongly. In our driving dynamics tests the X5 remains subjective impressing upright. However in extreme cases the reinforcement of the Stabis affects the handling. The X5 under in fast curves, loses thereby time.

Porsche Cayenne - dynamic compromises: The owing to stabilization works similarly as at BMW. Divided stabilizers hold the Porsche in the balance. A hydraulic actuator works on the ends of the Stabis, to 180 bar pressure from a belt-driven pump at the engine rotates the halves against each other, relieves and/or stretches the suspension. Thus the Cayenne up to a transverse acceleration remains of about 0,65g upright. However: The system costs Sprit - up to a litre increased consumption. Porsche besides co-ordinated the Cayenne extremely drivingactively. Inclusive more easily pivoting tendency with the load change. Result: best round times in the Contidrom.


All super, this SUV. Whereby S like sportily particularly applies to the drivingactive, fast Porsche. Nevertheless it must swallow also the V for losers - the costs are too high. BMW sets on dynamics, affords however Ausrut with additional load and trailer weight. Winner, because Jack of all trades is, the Q7.
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Old 03-20-2007, 10:12 PM
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motordavid will become famous soon enoughmotordavid will become famous soon enough
You are the Man, for these continual array of outstanding pics & digs!
Whew! ....

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Old 03-20-2007, 10:14 PM
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thisX5life is on a distinguished road
In addition, straight one for these splendour copies applies
You gotta love machine translation. Nice pics, though!
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Old 03-20-2007, 10:17 PM
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Cool, Thanks!! Pics are very cool.
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Old 03-20-2007, 10:58 PM
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Location: X5world
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LeMansX5 has a spectacular aura aboutLeMansX5 has a spectacular aura aboutLeMansX5 has a spectacular aura about
Originally Posted by motordavid
You are the Man, for these continual array of outstanding pics & digs!
Whew! ....
Thanks, MD. serving the community.
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Old 03-20-2007, 11:23 PM
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did anyone notice that they said the X5 only goes 0-100 in 7.3 sec? shouldn't it be just as fast as the cayenne?
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Old 03-21-2007, 12:04 AM
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Tyre wear on the Porsche appears rather harsh!

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Old 03-21-2007, 12:32 AM
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the cayenne looks out-of-place

you see the tech-laden ultra-chic X5
the classic and elegant Q7

and then this thing that looks like a hyundai

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Old 03-21-2007, 03:57 AM
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bmw_uae is on a distinguished road
i never saw any review that says the 4.8 x5 does 0-100 km in 6.4 sec or less, they all say its above 7, why!!!!! is it unable to do it in 6 seconds
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Old 03-21-2007, 04:40 AM
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..make it happn' capn'
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Poor Bimmer, never seems to take top honors

Of course, Porsche never gets out of the back of the pack. Porsche needs to stick to performance cars.

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