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Old 09-24-2014, 10:58 AM
jhb jhb is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: boston
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jhb is on a distinguished road
1st time lease return, what to expect?

My Lease is up in 4 months. I have already started thinking about what to do with the truck (2012 x5 50, 30k miles). The buyout is about 45k per lease agreement and I think there is a 350.00 disposition fee.

The front tires are shot, and I need to measure the remaining tread in the rears. I assume from what I read here there will be NO allowance on the wheels if I re-sign another lease so that needs to be done. Correct?

Is the $350 disposition fee the kind of thing they forgive if I sign another lease?

There is a rather large scratch from my sons bicycle handle bar between the front wheel well and the headlight lens, It is "bigger than a quarter", what can I expect them to do about that? I don't want them to tell me at lease-end they want to charge me a bazillion dollars for a repair that I could have done somewhere else for less.

I have looked at pricing for CPO 50, and its not favorable to me to buy out the lease. I see them advertised between 43-49, and we're still a bit off.

Does BMWFS try to buy out leases early as I have heard other car companies do to try and get me into a new vehicle?

1986 BMW 328e
1989 BMW 525i
2000 BMW 528i
2004 BMW X5 4.4
2008 BMW X3
2012 BMW X5 50
1997 porsche 993 cab

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Old 09-24-2014, 01:07 PM
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Denver
Posts: 95
Proflyer is on a distinguished road
I just did this with an Infiniti FX lease. I will NEVER lease a car again. You pay for all the depreciation, plus interest, then own nothing. We traded in the FX (which we actually had some equity in compared to the residual) on a 2011 X5d with 15,000 miles. Bought it CPO and got killer financing. Our payments went up $100/month, but we will own it.

The dealer that took it in on trade literally didn't even look at it. It was almost perfect, but had a few things here and there. Tires were maybe 30%, which have to be 50%+ for most lease returns, check your lease to be sure. New tires alone would have cost us $1200, so simply returning it wasn't an option that made sense.

Figure out first what car you want next. Then go to a few dealers and see what they'll give you for yours. Don't tell them it's a lease or they can very easily figure out what your residual is. If they come back at $43m and you owe $45m, and you're sure you want that car, work on the new car part of it first (pricing) then say 'ok my residual is X. I'll do this deal if you can just simply payoff my lease." If you want another BMW, they should really work with you. Most of the time you can go in 90 days before your lease is up and 1) look at new cars and 2) have someone look at yours. Lean on the dealer hard, as they either get to buy your car for the residual from BMW to keep it on their lot or they send it back if they don't want it, or a combo of both and BMW will work with them on what they can 'buy' it from BMW for. Lots of price movement here, so just make sure the spread between what you owe and what you get the next car for is net $0. Don't pay $55m for a car that's worth $53m and take $45m for yours...you just basically took a $2m loss on that deal.

As far as dents/dings/damage/tires--they will bend you over. They want that car to be perfect and the guidelines for what's acceptable are clearly lined out. Expect to pay full dealer rate for tires, paint repair etc. They know they've got you if you want to just drop it and go, so get a few bids first. If the car REALLY is worth less than the residual, including the costs to get it brought back to acceptable condition, you're better off just biting the bullet BUT I'm assuming you'll be buying something else, so really work that angle.
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Old 09-24-2014, 04:37 PM
TerminatorX5's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Stafford, VA & Harrisburg, PA - USA
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TerminatorX5 is on a distinguished road
I lease for my wife - she had a BMW, then a MB, now she is back to a BMW... the $350 is waived if you lease another BMW through BMWFS within 6 months after you turn in the current lease. If you lease another one from a dealer, they may overlook the tires and the scratch, if you are not, it depends on a dealer - I recently had strange experience with BMW of Fairfax when they could not process a tire replacement under tire warranty and wanted me to pay $400 and deal with warranty later.. i took the problem to BMW of Alexandria, and they resolved the problem, i paid $18 for the tax.

My point is, when you take the car to a dealer for PRE-INSPECTION, see what they tell you... if you don't like it, take the car to another dealer... until you get the desired answer...

you can take the car to ANY dealer, I had my cars from dealers in NY, NJ, MI, but returned them to dealers in VA...
E53 X5 4.6iS
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Tireprints left in:
USA, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia

E53 X5 4.8iS built 2005-10-17
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96000 mi - June 2013
112000 mi - June 2014
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Here is the list of things I have done to the X
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