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Skeletor 08-05-2017 11:54 PM

Skeletor's $275.00 E39 (yes you read that right!)
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Hey guys. I just picked up an 03' 525i with 166K miles for... $275. "What's wrong with it?" The transmission goes into limp mode after warm up. I was reading on the forums and it seems to be caused by the transmission cooler not doing it's job, and goes away when that gets fixed.

The transmission was no problem, I had the guy down from $900 to $600 for the transmission, but when I showed up... we had other problems.

The engine cranks, but doesn't start. And before you go "Oh the fuel pump went out" hear me out. The car has 43lbs of fuel pressure and brand new coil packs. After cranking you can smell fuel. It sounds like it's only lighting off one or two cylinders. What causes this? There's got to be other people out there that have seen this before.

I almost got him down to $250 but was happy because I can part it out and scrap it and still end up on top.

I haven't had any time today to really work on it besides what I found out with the fuel as I just picked it up and spent most of the day cleaning this nasty thing. I'll post any developments and pictures soon.

jopecasa 08-06-2017 04:39 AM

LS1..........you know you want to!:D

Skeletor 08-06-2017 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by jopecasa (Post 1114013)
LS1..........you know you want to!:D

Although that has crossed my mind, and I have been wanting to swap a V8 into a BMW for a long time..... Not with this one. Maybe next time ;)

I bought this one so I could use Tuner Pro to Enable OBD readiness for emissions testing. I wanted to buy a cheap (running) car to goof around with so I didn't burn out the DME in my Daily Driver.

Plus, my buddy just bought a $500 car and we thought it would be cool to have a battle, See who could buy the better $500 car... As long as I can fix this thing for less than $225 I'm pretty certain that I'll win, because he bought a Honda civic :rofl:

I have faith that this can be fixed. And if it requires a new DME or other module, I've got a laptop that can program to vin. So I am determined to get this thing running.

Skeletor 08-06-2017 10:23 PM

It Runs!
It looks like I won the $500 car challenge. The 525 lives!

After we put that crankshaft pos. sensor in it, we let it sit for a while because it smelled flooded. Came back after about 2 hours and cranked it for 25 seconds and it fired up. After running for a couple of minutes it fires up like it was a brand new engine. We have a 3.0 in the garage right now that we're rebuilding so we didn't have to wait for any parts or sensors for 525. :cool:

I ran it for another 20-30 minutes and went on a test drive and no CEL! So far so good. This is a good start to joining the e39 family.

What do you guys think? I haven't done the trans. cooler yet but not bad for $275! I think it's ready to be a daily driver. :thumbup:

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