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kirkX5m 07-12-2008 07:47 PM

long time no pics - E82 135is coupe PICS
hey gang, wanted to post some pics of my 08 135is coupe alpine white/ boston lemon leather. dropped it off in paris cdg on 05/29 and its made its way back to my dealer here in socal today 07/12. so stoked and ready to mod! i miss the x5 a lot but the 135 will be fun! cheers everyone!!! kirk














xx3 07-12-2008 08:21 PM


You went to the Welt?

*very jealous*

jpm4.8is 07-12-2008 09:26 PM

Sweet!!! Congrats :thumbup:

Meiac09 07-12-2008 09:31 PM

very nice. I like lemon interior. Looks like a fun trip, too :thumbup:
I think that might be AznMpower's rental next to it in welt ;)

LeMansX5 07-12-2008 10:40 PM

:wow: Kirk! Congrats! Great to see your One.
Euro delivery at Welt is great. :thumbup:

AzNMpower32 07-12-2008 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by Meiac09
very nice. I like lemon interior. Looks like a fun trip, too :thumbup:
I think that might be AznMpower's rental next to it in welt ;)

No, ours had the option for coloured bumper corners. Plus, that's a 3-Türer, ours was a 5-Türer. Get it right! (jk)

Looks like you had a fantastic trip! I ran across another American family who did ED on their black 135i (the headlight configuration is so obvious).

blondboinsd 07-12-2008 11:10 PM

Hey Kirk!

I work in Cucamonga at least once a week, we need meet up! I want to see the 1!

kirkX5m 07-13-2008 02:06 AM

thanks everyone, i cannot emphasize how much fun and almost overwhelming the new delivery @ the welt makes the experience. i rushed a little to get out of there to drive back to paris (so i didnt get to use my 10 euro food voucher ha ha ha) but wow, that was breath-taking!).

i just spent 2 hours installing the OEM pedals, and that was a royal PITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways its done now. ill post some pics f the car along in this thread as the mods pile on. LM, have u ever decided for or against the 1er? I freakin' love this car dude!

Ry what are you doiing in rancho once a week??????????? My email is [email protected] and ill PM you my number. anytime for food @ victoria gardens will be bomb!

PersonaNonGrata 07-13-2008 04:00 AM

Congratulations Kirk! I know you won't leave that car stock for long. I think it'll be wearing some VM wheels soon.

I've drive a few 135's and they are a blast. I really like it.

Let me know when you guys are out in my area again.

kirkX5m 07-13-2008 04:35 AM

hey kev you know me! i started tonight on some easy mods and will do the bulk of them next week. i was gonna do some VMR CSL reps but then if i stay patient, ill go for this look, im digging these brombacher black wheels with lips from 3D Design below!

havent been out to the desert in a while but next we're out i wanna stop by and meet your rottie! still thinking about getting one myself...



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