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wallyx5 07-20-2014 08:41 PM

Carbon Filter Delete
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For those who care, some quick steps to remove the sock from the intake.

1. Loosen hose clamp on each filter intank.
2. Pull up on the intake filter, it is secured by 3 soft rubber grommets
3. Use torx bit and remove the 4 torx bolts from the middle of the filter housing.
4. Now it swings open and you can access the carbon filters.
5. Use a flat head screw driver and press on the three tabs that hold the filter in place. Work one at a time from left to right or vice versa. They just click in place.

Done, reassemble and enjoy.

mrmomo313 07-20-2014 09:22 PM

Notice any difference when driving or does it feel the same?

wallyx5 07-21-2014 01:25 AM

Better throttle response and more ponies. It's a no brainer, all the M5 guys do it.

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