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Purplefade 08-15-2019 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by itscoo2pyopants (Post 1167383)
^ i will be ordering from FCP as well. what brand did you go with? how did you know it was the old design?

There are a bunch of good posts out there, X5Only did one as well as a handful of others. Having just gone through this, here's pretty much what you need to get your X back together:


Valve Stem Seal Replacement WITHOUT Upper Timing Covers:

Valve Stem Seal Kit - 1134029751 (x2)
Valve Cover Gasket Left - 11127513195 (x1)
Valve Cover Gasket Right - 11127513194 (x1)
Cam Position Sensor O-Ring – 12141748398 (x4)

Eccentric Shaft Sensor Gasket – 11127518420 (x2)
Valvetronic Actuator Seal O-Ring - 07119903596 (x2) (This is the small o-ring between the actuator and the actuator mount)

The valvetronic actuator mount gasket (actuator mount to valve cover) comes with the valve cover gasket set and is the “fat” o-ring style gasket in that kit.)
Some RTV Red or other good gasket maker.

NOTE: - When installing the valve cover gasket put a few small dabs of gasket maker into the gasket channel on the vc and set the gasket in place, let it dry for maybe 20 minutes or so until the gasket maker holds the gasket in place – it makes it so much easier to get the vcre-installed when you know the gasket is (probably) going to stay in place.

Valve Stem Seals WITH Upper Timing Covers:

Upper Timing Cover Gasket Right – 11147506424 (x1)
Upper Timing Cover Gasket Left – 11147506425 (x1)
Vanos Solenoid O-Ring (Large) – 11367513222 (x4)
Vanos Solenoid O-Ring (Small) – 11367546379 (x4)

If you just want to make some extra room for yourself while you’re working in the area:

Throttle Body O-Ring – 13547510433 (x1)
(Removing the tb just makes access to the harness and everything that much easier.)

NOTE: - When doing the timing covers you will notice a small gasket lip extending above the level of the timing cover and head – BEFORE installing the valve cover gasket, use a razor blade and cut that excess gasket material off level with the timing cover and head. I also used a small amount of RTV Red on this area just to reassure myself..

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