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Lowblock 07-02-2019 03:41 PM

Help with transmission code
The transmission finally went out on my 03 4.4. I purchased a known good used transmission that ZF remanufactured less then 20k miles ago. I bought a brand new torque converter, all new seals, gaskets, filter and all new fluid. After putting the transmission in everything was working as it should however a Check engine light came on an I attempted to read with my cheap code reader, it would not bring anything up. I hooked the car up to my diagnostic laptop with INPA on it and checked what codes were active. It came up with a "torque converter clutch excessive slip" I didn't delete the code and drove it around a bit more and attempted to pull the code again with my cheap reader, it came up with the code "torque converter clutch or performance stuck off". Im wondering if anyone might be able to help me determine what could cause this. Like I said before, it was a brand new torque converter, could it be a solenoid? I have a foxwell scanner now and it will read live data. The car seems to drive fine, and if I just drive it normally it will take a couple hours for the check engine light to come on, if I get on it, the light will come on almost instantly. Im wondering if the valve body may be having an issue. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried looking through the posts to find any info, but it seems to be across the board.


Lowblock 07-03-2019 11:17 AM

Nobody has any info? Paging Phil....

EODguy 07-03-2019 11:56 AM

What a your fill times, etc.

Maybe post pics of your NT-510 screen in live data...

Rrrphil stays pretty busy from what I understand but he does pop in, just not daily

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Lowblock 07-04-2019 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by EODguy (Post 1165254)
What a your fill times, etc.

Maybe post pics of your NT-510 screen in live data...

im not quite sure what you are asking about fill times.

I have the Nt520, which I think is the same, what data should I be looking for and what should I post? I have a second transmission that I am going to take down to a local repair shop and have them rebuild. I think I will rebuild the valve body out of it myself. I suppose the first thing to do is pull the pan and see if the TCC solenoid is even clicking. I have seen a couple different versions, some say PWM solenoid and some just say clutch solenoid, whats the difference and what does my transmission(s) have?

RRPhil 07-04-2019 06:52 PM

Is your transmission a 5-speed (ZF 5HP24) or a 6-speed (ZF 6HP26)?


Lowblock 07-04-2019 10:28 PM

zf 5hp24 remanufactured approx. 20k ago, car was wrecked and pulled, I acquired the trans, put new seals, filter, TC and fluid and installed in my 03. I do believe that it came from an 01 or 02 though..


RRPhil 07-05-2019 04:07 AM

Certainly, the solenoid would be an easy thing to check by substitution. I would just swap it with one of its neighbours with a black cap (labelled A or B or C in the photo) and see if the problem moves with it.


You could also check the integrity of the solenoid wiring by measuring the resistance across pins 7 and 21 at the ECU plug and checking that you get around 6 Ohms.




If you let me know the serial number of your transmission, I can tell you its date of manufacture.




Lowblock 07-05-2019 09:09 PM

I bought a new solenoid, it wasn't that expensive so I got a new one just in case. I will get the serial numbers for the transmission. What are the odds its a solenoid, I was under the impression that the solenoids going bad in these transmissions were rare. Could it be the valve body, don't the solenoids activate springs and stuff??

RRPhil 07-06-2019 08:36 AM

Solenoid issues with the 5HP24 are certainly much rarer than with the 6HP26, but they arenít unheard of. The torque converter lock-up clutch hydraulic circuit is quite simple, with only two valves responsible for its operation, both housed in the lower front valve block


(The highlighted damper is for the EDS4 solenoid which controls the clutch. All the proportional solenoids have a damper to prevent overshoot/oscillation)

The only seals which could give rise to issues with the LUC are the two scarf-jointed ones on the input shaft


The other possibility is a problem within the torque converter itself, but you would hope this was unlikely if itís relatively new


By far the best way of diagnosing LUC issues (without going to the expense of throwing new parts at it) is by using diagnostics to determine if the LUC solenoid signal corresponds with the speed ratio across the clutch


Does your diagnostic tool have the capability of simultaneously recording the engine and input speed signals together with the EDS4 current, at a reasonable capture rate (>1Hz)?



Lowblock 07-06-2019 09:53 AM

hey Phil. I have a foxwell nt520. I know it will record live data, however I do not know if it will do what your asking. Would you have any idea if it does? The torque converter was brand new when installing this transmission, I would hope that its not the problem.

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