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Bmwe5320023.0 01-14-2022 03:42 AM

Too many SRS codes (Almost solved)
I took the car apart, including doors, dash etc. but have somewhat put it back together since.
Now I'm just working through some errors with inpa, ista, bmw scanner
For one, driver's side airbag is connected and the driver's seat is in. The connectors by a pillars are also connected.
Passenger seat is out and so is passenger dash and door airbag.
Can the airbags that are disconnected cause errors with driver's side airbag, which is connected?

Seems like too many errors and if I clear them they come back right away.


guntherrex 01-14-2022 05:30 AM

something unplugged?

Bmwe5320023.0 01-14-2022 06:50 PM

Yes I had a few airbags unplugged that I mentioned in the first post. I've now plugged all of them back and still have a lot of outstanding errors.
I'm not sure if then problem is with the airbags themselves or the connections.


Just looking to see how people troubleshoot SRS issues

X5chemist 01-14-2022 07:43 PM

After plugging them in, did you clear the codes? Was the battery disconnected when you pulled the plugs?

Bmwe5320023.0 01-15-2022 12:03 AM

Yes I cleared the codes with bmw scanner.
Sometimes I disconnected the battery, sometimes I didn't, because I know I can clear the codes.

EODguy 01-15-2022 04:32 AM


Originally Posted by Bmwe5320023.0 (Post 1216060)
Yes I cleared the codes with bmw scanner.

Sometimes I disconnected the battery, sometimes I didn't, because I know I can clear the codes.

Unplugging a hot airbag and plugging it back in hot can make the system think the car had an airbag go off due to a crash and you most likely won't be able to clear it. Many people have used an emulator on the passenger side due to this very issue.

I'm sure one of the guys here who can ninja electrical issues will chime in with better more correct information.

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Clavurion 01-15-2022 08:26 AM

Codes for too low resistance are usually caused by the connector locking part which should separate the shorting pins on the airbag side connector.

Bmwe5320023.0 01-15-2022 10:00 AM


I think I disconnected the battery everytime I disconnected the airbags, for the fear of them deploying.
I also disconnected the battery when I plugged them in.
However I did start and run the car multiple times without them connected, as I was working ok other things.


Thanks for the tip. I will look at the connectors and examine them.
Any way to troubleshoot this will help.
I can also get spare parts from the scrap yard.
Not sure it it's possible to test the airbags to see of they're bad by measuring resistance or smth.

EODguy 01-15-2022 10:25 AM

You can test them the same way we test electrical blasting caps and that is with a galvanometer NOT an ohmmeter!!

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Bmwe5320023.0 01-15-2022 11:39 AM

Never heard of such things. Are you pranking me lol!

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