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dville 06-20-2009 05:09 PM

Transfer case removal pictures...
2001 X5 4.4i Sport.

I am going to try and fix it myself.

Loud "cracking" noise from transfer case when you apply sudden torque to transmission. If you mash the accelerator from a start, you will definitely hear it, but if you drive like my wife, it rarely happens.

Checked the front driveshaft splines, they are dry, but not stripped.
I made a mark on the shaft and the transfer case, and verified that the shaft and transfer case do not slip.

If you remove the lower drain plug on the case (all ATF fluid will drain out of course), you can see the chain and with a screwdriver, you can verify that it is loose.

Loose chain inside the transfer case.
I bought a replacement from cobratransmissions in Miami for $146, and it got here in 2 days.

Got the X up on on 4 jack stands.
Removed the front stiffener plate.
While removing the front exhaust nuts, one of the studs broke....DAMN!
I'll worry about that later.



Front exhaust section removed


Did not remove the mufflers,

Heat shields removed (easy with just a 10mm socket)

DRY front driveshaft input splines.

OK, gotta go. Will update rest of pics later.

Big "J" 06-20-2009 05:15 PM

Cool!! keep us up to date!

dville 06-20-2009 05:16 PM

Here is the link to the chain...get it? hah hah...
Cobra Transmission Parts 1-800-293-1848: BMW X5 Transfer Case Chain

dville 06-20-2009 05:30 PM

Rear driveshaft removed.


Transmission has to be lowered slightly, so the shifter linkage has to come off.
I marked it with a sharpie to put it back from whence it came :)

Baby is awake...gotta go

dville 06-20-2009 10:44 PM

Let linkage hang

BMW special tool 002-1022 :) (Transmission support adapter)

Removed crossmember from rear of transfer case...weight is now on jack

I thought needed the jack to lift the transfer case, so I supported the transmission with BMW special tool 112233-569 :) and moved the jack to the Xfer case

dville 06-20-2009 10:48 PM

Using a external torx socket (I bought a set of these years ago to remove the seats from my old 5 series) I tried separating the transfer case from the transmission.....

Pain in the a$$ ratchet handle will not allow me to back off any of the bolts....WTF?

So close, dang....this one will not even allow me to put the ratchet handle on:

jst2878 06-20-2009 10:49 PM

good stuff. id be scared as hell to work under the x and having it so close to my face. thumbs up

dville 06-20-2009 10:51 PM

While I am deciding how to get the case off, I decided to peek inside the drain hole and look at the chain....
Yep, there it is....

WOW, I can use my screwdriver and pretty much move the chain all the way down off the sprocket inside... 8)

Way too loose...

dville 06-20-2009 11:00 PM

It's almost 12:30AM Saturday morning. My whole Friday night trying to take this thing off, and I don't even have a way to get the bolts off.

I started to try to fix the case while it remained on the truck, by taking the cover off.
I got all the bolts off, but needed to remove the rear output flange.

Deep socket 36mm (1 7/16") needed, and I don't have that.

Case has to come off now.

I decide to search the net for special tools. I see a website selling external torx wrenches. Then I realize how similar they look to the Sears ratcheting wrenches that I already have. Worth a shot....

What do you know ... 10MM fits good enough to get them all off...yay!

Removed the jack and just slid the case rearward and rested it on my legs while I was on the dolly.

The beast is out:


Super clean....like brand new.

The bus looks jealous that I am working on another car :(

dville 06-20-2009 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by jst2878 (Post 633257)
good stuff. id be scared as hell to work under the x and having it so close to my face. thumbs up

I'd be even "scareder?" to have to hold up that transfer case AND transmission way up in the air.

The BMW tech CD required 2 transmission jacks for this job.

I don't have the luxury of a lift, so I have to make do with the 4 jackstands....I'm used to it now actually.

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