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DuddingC 01-27-2019 07:27 PM

Baffling - Engine Malfunction With a New (to us) BMW X5 35i
Help! we bought a certified pre-owned 2013 BMW X5 35i e70 several months ago. Yesterday I took it up into the mountains for the first time (generally light highway driving but up to 10,000 ft.)

After returning, I heard a noise that sounded like my front brakes had reached their warning strips (today I pulled off the tires and the brakes are nearly new). The sound came in and out.

Picked up the wife, continued hearing the (false) break noise. Drove a mile, parked for 10 minutes, restarted the car. Got a check engine light about then, but was too busy with traffic to pay it any attention.

Soon as we hit stop-and-go traffic after about a half mile there was an intense burning plastic or battery acid smell.

We managed to get it back to the house on "reduced power" mode. After looking at it all day today I haven't found any noticeable burning or leaking.

I did get a scan tool on it, and am getting a whole bunch of misfire codes:15DF,0301,0302,0300,10F5,0087,

Any tips would be appreciated. Hoping to at least ID this error before taking it to a dealership.


ard 01-27-2019 09:05 PM

Bunch of misfire codes (30xx), some low fuel pressure codes (0172, 15DF).

One Ive never seen and cannot pull up: 10F5

The burning smell is odd. is is the false brake noise... check your drive belts? All good? FRM issue maybe? But that wouldnt make noise... hmmm

You've got the CPO...bring it in. I would NOT tell them 'i kept driving after the warning and smells'. Or at least downplay it.

"CEL came on, I brought it in"

josiahg52 01-27-2019 11:15 PM

I'm wondering how you know what battery acid smells like. Not being a smart-ass, genuinely interested.

Trying to think how a metallic/scraping noise could result in a burning odor and then a CEL. Do you have the ability to see when the misfires occurred?

I was thinking if you might have a mechanical problem with your alternator. That might cause a metallic noise and a burning plastic or even electric odor. Not sure how the misfires or fuel pump issues are related but obviously fuel issues could cause misfires and misfires are sensed using, among other things, knock sensors.

DuddingC 01-28-2019 03:30 PM

Ha! I learned what battery acid smells like when I'd replace ancient batteries in tractors and old cars. Still, no leaks found in and around the battery, I think it's something else burning.

I'm wondering how you know what battery acid smells like. Not being a smart-ass, genuinely interested.

ard 01-28-2019 09:47 PM

I think the word you wanted was 'acrid' smell?

Report back w what the dealer says...

(I learned what battery acid smelled like when an old VW had a failed voltage regulator, blew out cell covers on the battery (which is under the rear seat. Friggn mess. Cleaned it with baking soda to neutralize the acide on the underside of the seat. ;) )

josiahg52 01-28-2019 11:00 PM

I learned what battery acid smells like pouring acid, activating new batteries, charging and discharging them. Big batteries; couple hundred thousand pounds, a few thousand gallons of acid. Big batteries.

TriX5 02-07-2019 08:41 PM

On my 35d the vibration damper on the front of the crankshaft failed and caused a bunch of smoke. Doesn't smell great either but at the time I did not check for codes as I fairy quickly figured out what had happened. I noticed that the serp belt was nearly stopped but when I turned the A/C off things started to spin again. Maybe worth checking tho I don't know if damper failure is an issue on the 35i.

DuddingC 02-07-2019 09:17 PM

[Partially Solved] - Update!
I have an update. The dealership located a fracture in an air line, photos below.

Trouble is, they are saying that an injector has been damaged, and the smell was from gasoline fouling the spark plugs. They quoted me a set of six for nearly $2500! The wife and I nearly fell over.

Hoping someone out there has an idea what new injectors and plugs ought to be cost us - help!


ard 02-08-2019 01:52 AM


They are simply scamming you. You are clearly looking like a 'mark', and they are confusing you and stealing your money.

Have they put anything in writing?

Scammers will typically have very little in writing, but will spin the nonsense around what caused it in their verbal pitch.

Since you dont know much about cars, you are kinda stuck- you decide there must be SOME truth, and then spend your time lost in the weeds... (So how much SHOULD an injector and plug change cost???)

The 'smell' was 'gas fouling the plugs'?!?!?

Finally, this is a CPO a few months ago- all this is under CPO warranty, right?????

Please dont move forward- this needs a second opinion.

Dr.M.Kassab 02-08-2019 02:30 AM

Start with simple stuff.. misfires could be due to air/fuel ratio disturbed by cracked hose..
change the hose.. clear the codes.. and give it a trial .. if still injectors.. use the CPO card in their faces..

Dr. Moustafa Kassab
Bmw e70 2012

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