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srmmmm 08-25-2021 01:25 AM

What did you do to / for your F15 today?
I hope there's enough ownership now in this group to warrant some maintenance and service tips and I'll start it off with the multimedia display feature.
I was extra careful in converting close to 2000 iTunes songs to mp3 files using Switch Sound Converter software, making sure all the album artwork was copied with each song file. After loading them all into my F15 music collection, I was quite perturbed that only about 10% of the songs had their corresponding album artwork display.
Digging into Internet resources yielded the suggestion that the artwork could not be any larger than 500 X 500 pixels so I found a freeware package, Mp3Tag, that included a utility for resizing the artwork. And what was really nice is that it could do it in mass. So I set it to 450 X 450 just to be sure, processed all the mp3 files, copied everything to the flash drive and loaded into the F15. And bingo, every song now displays its album cover while playing.

andrewwynn 08-25-2021 10:10 AM

That's some super helpful feedback. We use streaming with Apple music but I do have a ton of mp3 id like to use as playlist especially when out in the wilderness and no internet.

xbimma 08-30-2021 08:14 PM

Well done srmmmm

Zulu95 09-03-2021 10:52 PM

Had the column motor fail. (Fore & aft movement.) Replaced the motor but it would only work in manual mode. Bimmergeeks did a remote access and got the column initialized again but the process resulted in about a dozen CELs/codes showing up in all sorts of systems. A quick scan and clear using the BG app/adapter cleared all the codes and the systems are all normal.
Saved around $1900 by only changing the motor.

andrewwynn 09-03-2021 10:58 PM

That's very good feedback for bimmergeeks

Zulu95 09-04-2021 07:19 AM

"That's very good feedback for bimmergeeks "

They were more than helpful and I was the "lab rat" for this one. The learn procedure was in the app but did not do a complete job when I tried it. The app was or is supposed to be now updated to include all they did with me to sync the the column.
The app is turning out to be a really good investment long term as it keeps getting more procedures, features and tools added to the mix.
It even includes a valvetronic motor learn feature among other things. The adapter is around $50 and I advise getting the $5 replacement warranty as my first adapter failed without warning. I actually now have two so I am covered during the replacement period.

andrewwynn 09-04-2021 07:16 PM

Link to the app/dongle please.

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andrewwynn 09-04-2021 07:17 PM

Link to the app/dongle please.

Zulu95 09-04-2021 09:18 PM


Zulu95 09-14-2021 02:45 PM

Programmed ADHB for the LED lights.

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