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Module Repair Pro update

Originally Posted by Effduration View Post
Go find one in a junkyard or from someone parting a car careful, it has to be the same model as yours, and the ABS module used in E53 X5 changed at least once during the 6-year run.

I always prefer being the one who pulls a used ABS module off the car.
This is a good idea, but we don't have any decent parts yards around here. There are some modules on eBay, and maybe that was the way to go, but the last thing I ordered hasn't been shipped a week later and I want this out of my life.

"Gino" is selling me a remanufactured one for $275 plus shipping and tax (when I got the invoice the shipping seemed a tad high and he charged me LA County tax rate which is also high, but I'm not going to argue over a few dollars, total came to $317.13). He does seem to know what he's talking about.

He says that with the six cylinder there is a 75% chance that it won't need programming, only steering angle sensor calibration. If it does need programming he couldn't say whether I can do that with BMW Scanner 1.4.
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