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Old 10-08-2010, 12:29 PM
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: south carolina
Posts: 12
nfowler is on a distinguished road
Do you ever just want to be rid of your X5?

I bought my 2003 X5 earlier this year. Its a 3.0 with nav and only 55K miles on it. The car drives like a dream but oh my goodness, I am sick of having to have repairs done. In the past month, I have had to replace the valve cover gasket for an oil leak ( its still leaking), front and rear brake pads, front drive axels, drive belt, and a/c resistor. And I still need to get the nav screen replaced and check on having the light bulb behind the mileage pixels replaced because I can barely see it. And most of the time the stupid key will not lock and unlock the doors. Thank goodness I have found a good indy so the amount I have spent on repair could have been much worse (about $1700 so far). But part of me just wants to go trade it and be done with it. Before this I had Acura and Volvos and never experienced the issues I have had with this car.

Is it just me?
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Old 10-08-2010, 12:56 PM
EKS PYB's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: McKinney, TX
Posts: 589
EKS PYB is on a distinguished road

I feel the same way, I have a 2003 Lexus GX470 for my wife and its a 7 year old car now and the only thing I have replaced is the battery 2 years ago, pads + rotors just this year and gear oil and transfer case fluid. That's it and the normal oil change every 5,000 miles and its reaching 90,000 miles.

But with the X5, I am constantly checking in my head, what else is next to replace on this vehicle. I have done the pads+rotors, battery, disa valve, a/c, 2 axle boots, and others I can't even remember anymore. I was back at the dealer 4 times in the first month I got the X5 I kid you not.

Given the X5 is definitely much quicker and more fun to drive than the GX470. Plus I have a more safer 3.0 than the other models 4.4, 4.6 and 4.8 that most have which even encounters more problems. The 3.0 is powerful enough for me to drive around town. I don't have a heavy foot like others on this thread that really put their X5 to the test.

I've read in past posts that the 3.0 is the bulletproof engine when it comes to breaking down so that made me happy getting this model but the service do tend to add up. What can you do? We get the X5 because it is fun to drive and even more fun to mod but with that comes expenses unfortunately.

Just think of the fun times you have with the X5 and drown yourself with that to forget the $$$ you're spending in trying to keep it in tip top shape


'04 BMW X5 3.0i TitanSilber Metallic
'03 Lexus GX470 Black Onyx
'03 BMW X5 3.0i Black Sapphire SOLD
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Old 10-08-2010, 12:57 PM
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Miami, FL
Posts: 226
Allstarsrd12 is on a distinguished road
your preaching to the choir my friend. I'm getting very close to parting it out and getting a good, easily maintained vehicle. Like my feet. I had a 1998 jeep, just sold it at 135000, thing ran like a champ. Only had to change coolant hoses, thermostats and water pumps. I beat the living hell out of the thing too, and tranny was still a rock. Lifted, exhaust, CAI, got 460 miles on a full tank.
Of course, nothing beats a bmw, but at the same time, you'd think they'd make it possible to go maybe a whole month without a problem.
Might even part out an go e36 m3. Its just a pure, raw car.
But this is my thinking after I just had my 4th window break just today, and a bunch of other goodies that haven't exactly made me a pleasant person
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Old 10-08-2010, 01:08 PM
StartX5's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Delaware
Posts: 417
StartX5 is on a distinguished road
I don't talk to my friend anymore after he said i am stupid because i am driving BMW. He said one day i will agree that he's right.

================================================== =======================================

BMW X5 2004 - 2005 MB E320
BMW 1999 528i/ 1998 Nissan PathFinder (sold)
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Old 10-08-2010, 01:13 PM
c4racer's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Northern CA
Posts: 819
c4racer is on a distinguished road
OK - brakes, batteries, drivebelts are all maint items that ALL cars need.

Leaking valvecover is a PITA, but that can also happen with any vehicle - tho for some reason the gaskets used on these german engines don't make it much past 80K miles - and that goes for all 3 major german automakers btw. Front axles I assume is due to split CV boots - also a common failure on many 4WD vehicles although again seems the Germans don't use the best rubber there either.

Anyway - BMW's are not like Acuras. The payoff for a much nicer vehicle with superior driving dynamics is a bit more upkeep. Volvos seem to be hit and miss with reliability.

If you want Honda / Acura / Lexus level of reliability and trouble free driving - you just are not going to be happy with a BMW. But there is a big difference in driving dynamics and overall quality between BMW and the Japanese luxury brands. So you need to decide for yourself if the hassle and additional expense of a BMW is worth it to you. For me it is, but then again the expense isn't that great since I do nearly all the work on them myself.
2003 4.6is - SOLD
2003 M5 Imola
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Old 10-08-2010, 01:24 PM
THK's Avatar
THK THK is offline
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Tacoma, WA
Posts: 66
THK is on a distinguished road
A year ago, Thanksgiving week I purchased my 2005 X3 3.0i and joined this board shortly thereafter. While this board deals with X5's primarily, the X5 seems scary with the amount problems that board members report and in my mind the X5 is fragile at best.

My X3 has had to deal with electrical problems, one of which was a safety issue in which there was a recall but my vehicle was not included in the list of VIN's even though I had the exact same problem. Research on NHTSA's site showed a whole bunch of vehicles with the same concern. After having to deal with BMW's consumer department and the corporate office for two months, this $1,400 was taken care of less $200.00 out of my pocket. The sun roof has now failed and the headlamps go off when they want to. Every repair on this vehicle starts at $1000 and up. I cringe every time I talk to the dealer or indy.

If I weren't recently laid off this vehicle would no longer be in my driveway. There is no reason for weak sub systems on today's automobiles. People talk American made autos, my 02 Bravada with 130k on the clock out side of normal maintenance, oil changes, brake pads, tires, etc; the only "repairs" I spent any money on was for a belt tensioner and a split heater hose.

Right now I am having a love/hate relationship with this vehicle. I have worked in the auto industry (service) all my life and this vehicle is not up to par with the top satisfaction vehicle which cost less then BMW. I hope the employment picture improves so the X3 can find a new home.
Experience: Where the test is given first and the lessons are learned later!
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Old 10-08-2010, 01:31 PM
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Eastern Mass
Posts: 65
Peter D is on a distinguished road
I guess i got a good one, next to nothing for issues, maybe its because i drive it alot.
BMW replaced the steering rack on my '04 under warranty, somewhere aroung 60K I did the front sway links and I had to put rear pads and rotors on it at 100K. I plan to do the waterpump, thermostat and serp belts for time and mileage at 110K this week.

Other than that its been the best car I've owned but as i type i knock on my wooden desk,,,,,,
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Old 10-08-2010, 02:02 PM
c4racer's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Northern CA
Posts: 819
c4racer is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by Peter D View Post
I guess i got a good one, next to nothing for issues, maybe its because i drive it alot.
BMW replaced the steering rack on my '04 under warranty, somewhere aroung 60K I did the front sway links and I had to put rear pads and rotors on it at 100K. I plan to do the waterpump, thermostat and serp belts for time and mileage at 110K this week.

Other than that its been the best car I've owned but as i type i knock on my wooden desk,,,,,,
My 03 has held up pretty well too. I have similar miles to yours, so it was driven quite a bit. It was a former CPO car and I had full maint and repair history from all BMW dealers when I bought it at 95K miles.

Following were replaced (all but one item before I got it):
- valley pan gasket
- radiator hoses and expansion tank
- both CV boots
- alternator
- oil pan gasket
- valve cover gaskets
- leaking PS hose
- dash display pixels

that's pretty much it - a few other minor items that escape my memory. While not perfect, that isn't too bad for 110K miles. I will replace the rest of the cooling system before 115K as well. That shouldn't be needed, but then again - I had a radiator blow at 120K miles out of the blue on a Mazda. these plastic radiators used in cars today are just not built to go 200K miles, IMHO.
2003 4.6is - SOLD
2003 M5 Imola
2008 Mini Cooper S
2011 Mazda CX9
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Old 10-08-2010, 03:09 PM
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: somerset, nj
Posts: 11
minghi is on a distinguished road
I purchased an '06 cpo'd x5 from the stealership last june with 38k miles on it and so far put in close to 30k miles on it (20k miles/yr is my self imposed limit
anyways, its been a joy owning it and no issues at all (knock on wood lol)
but then i think i did enough homework before i got my x5 to deserve this.
first, i asked the dealership for service history for all vin numbers i was interested in. then i went through all the records to find which x5 had the least number of complaints. my analogy is that people who lease bmw's tend to rip the hell outta them and then bitch about it at service dept. i would too if i was paying 1k/month monthly just to 'rent' it so, i finally found this x5 which went to the dealership for just regular maintenance and couple of minor issues and its been great like i said; just do your homework. unfortunatley, its the base model with no options (i then added a bluetooth module since wiring is already present in all us models). Now, I crave for heated seats

(Disclaimer: A bit of luck is still required. this ain't no lexus

Last edited by minghi; 10-08-2010 at 03:14 PM.
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Old 10-08-2010, 03:53 PM
AZX54.4's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Phoenix,AZ
Posts: 456
AZX54.4 is on a distinguished road
These X5's do require more maintenance than other cars. And sure, belts are wear items, so are things such as the air struts and hoses in the engine bay. However, I don't think all of them should be going out at under 50,000 miles. Same goes for how frequent other parts such as window regulators, door handle carriers and cv boots go out. At times it seems as if there is imminent failure on these cars.

I do think that each X is very different. Our 2002 3.0 has had nothing major go out on it. Just the routine maintenance. On the other hand, our 2005 4.4 has had the entire AC system replaced (everything), power steering hoses, cooling system, all belts/pulleys and tensioners, air struts and more(under 50,000 mi).... I am in the same boat. I am getting tired of taking it to the shop. The cost doesn't bother me its the numerous visits to the shop. I love how the X drives and I don't think there is any other luxury suv that I would want.

So, at the end of the day. I LOVE MY X5. Nothing else is like it. It is fast, versatile, smooth and fun to drive while being a heavy suv and gets relatively good mpg (that is offset due to all the repair costs however haha). No other suv can do that. And the important thing to remember is all cars have there issues. Sure some of the X's might have more issues than others but no car is problem free.

So next time you get in your X remind yourself how great it drives and this should offset the repairs you have to do !!!!
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