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trev0006 05-07-2009 02:21 PM

Jaguar XF vs BMW 550i
Jaguar XF vs BMW 550i love the new BMW twin turbo engine.

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Viperfreak2 05-07-2009 03:06 PM

No turbos on the 550. yet.

themoth 05-07-2009 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by Viperfreak2 (Post 617731)
No turbos on the 550. yet.

2011 i believe is when the TT v8 will be out. Can't wait that will be my next purchase...:thumbup:

X5Dawg 05-07-2009 04:31 PM

I can't see the video, but wouldn't the XFR be a better choice to compare??

I'll have to admit, I really like the Jag...

askhao 05-08-2009 11:51 PM

id definetly take the 550xi...

Pentium 05-09-2009 03:18 PM

the Jaguar is good looking and it has plenty of great things esp the interior...but it won't take a sec to think I will take the 550i for sure!

explicitdwk 07-15-2009 11:55 PM

550xi no doubt.
never been a fan of jags

dsm2925 07-16-2009 07:26 AM

i dont like Jags but the Jags body is so much fresh looking... the 5 is getting boring......

Weasel 07-16-2009 08:09 AM

Watching them in the skidpad and slalom you can realize how well the ARS works... the 550i stays level as the Jag has noticable roll. I love the way the 550i drives.

AzNMpower32 07-16-2009 12:10 PM

I think Top Gear is going to do a M5 v. XF-R sometime this series. I'm looking forward to that.

Honestly, I'd have to test drive a 5er and an XF back to back. I prefer Germanic interiors but if the XF drives very well, then perhaps its worth a comparison.

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