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Bmwtvboy 03-08-2020 07:25 PM

Following test: I did an initial test with A/C connected, FSR disconnected. Turn on, lit up in AUTO, fan working, adjusted fan, lower temp, fan went in own direction to lower speed, went to adjust speed, blew fuse. THEN: 1. removed A/C plug, removed FSR. Installed fuse48./7.5. Turned on, IHKA lit up in AUTO. Pressed middle vent control. NO fan, went to adjust temp ,worked for a few seconds , blew fuse.
2. Reconnected FSR, did the same test. Lit up in AUTO mode, disengaged, attempt to raise temp. Blew fuse at 85.
3. Disconnect FSR. Lit up in AUTO mode, disengage, went to lower temps, no change , blew fuse.
Tomorrow, I'll try my old IHKA, this new one from Ebay is from a 2004,E53,X5. Lites up,but isn't allowing any functions for more than a few second.
NOTE: Last year when I was having difficulty I replaced dual heater valves with new unit hoping that would correct things. A/C worked, but only with temp n 60 degrees. Any attempt to raise the temp resulted in blown fuse. 48.
Unfortunately I don't have any access at this time to a INPA computer system to see codes or issues.

Bmwtvboy 03-09-2020 06:51 PM

C: I put my old IHKA unit in and it's working. However, the fan only works on MAX. and then when I lower it manually, it shuts off at the lowest setting. But you can't raise the fan using manual adjustment. Temp can be raised n lowered on both sides with no issue.. It works as a unit with the FSR detached. But it also worked with the FSR plugged in , and at times the fan would lower the speed itself in manual. I have the A/C disconnected at this point. I took some readings:
Key ON:
FSR plugged: Top Fuse, 1.12 - 1.22 volt. Bottom Fuse. 1.07 -1.19
Unit turned on with MAX or other direction fan button or A/C, DEFROST,etc. pressed. But not with manual speed adjustment button only.

FSR Disconnected:
No Fuse/Key OFF: top fuse,.98-1.15 vlt, Bottom fuse.0
NoFuse/Key ON: tf. 12vlt, bf. 0

Fuse: Key Off: tf, 12vlt , bf., 1.0 vlt
Fuse:Key ON: tf.1.12vlt, bf., 1.15 vlt

IHKA w/fuse: ON,NO-FSR: tf, 11.4vlt, bf.,11.36 vlt

Not sure what all this means. Is this confirming an issue with the FSR? The odd fan issues with the FSR indicate that maybe the issue? Thanks a million, this is really good stuff to learn.

Bmwtvboy 03-14-2020 01:22 PM

With the IHKA n FSR connected it all works fine, no fuse blown. BUT, the fan only goes up with MAX, it will not rise with manual adjustment, but goes down. A/C is disconnected at the compressor. Today, reconnect n see what's going to blow. Oh, n the temp control works great, hot or cold or mixed, no issue there. Again, thanks for your support n patience with a novice electrician.

Bmwtvboy 03-18-2020 07:33 PM

FSR, FSR, FSR, THAT'S IT. Hooked up everything, A/C and the new FSR. It all works just like new. It was fun figuring out all the electrical possibilities and I learned a great deal. Thank you. Now on to the Trifecta. First thing, test all the wheel sensors for signal and clean the rings.

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