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Old 07-17-2019, 08:52 PM
Join Date: Nov 2017
Location: Arid Zona
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BimmerBreaker is on a distinguished road
I have also observed that adjusting air systems when static can lead to some odd results so I was moving the car in and out of the garage as I was adjusting it, for all except the final .5" or so.
Adjusting the heights further is my next step in any case. I got it roughly where it should be but it can be better. I also think I want to have the driver's side adjusted just slightly higher, to account for my weight when I sit in it. Maybe I could be extra nerdy and have a friend measure the height for me while I'm in the car

But first I also want to go out and test it a bit later, go on a long drive, put it through all the suspension modes, see if everything is truly operational... still seems almost too good to be true
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Old 07-17-2019, 10:51 PM
EODguy's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2018
Location: Saudi Arabia/Philippines/USA
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EODguy is on a distinguished road
I can't zoom in on your pictures but it looks like your battery voltage is low and the X5 is very sensitive to voltage issues.....

1.21Gw and 88mph is the apparent best case scenario.

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Old 07-18-2019, 06:35 PM
Join Date: Nov 2017
Location: Arid Zona
Posts: 60
BimmerBreaker is on a distinguished road
Battery is fine, not sure what you are looking at but everything is working now as it should be

Saw this below picture awhile ago on instagram and thought the silver foglights was such a cool look. BMW never released something like that in their production E53, but I thought I'd give it a go...

I do like it, but not 100% set on it. Both fog covers were unpainted, so no real loss in any case. If I decide I don't like it, I'll get the covers painted in the correct paint color.

Picture of the "core" fleet

I certainly have a thing for that "2-box" style car design
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Old 07-19-2019, 09:00 PM
Join Date: Nov 2017
Location: Arid Zona
Posts: 60
BimmerBreaker is on a distinguished road
So here's where we get into some of the things that let you know it is indeed a nearly 200,000 mile car

Previous owner used duct tape to hold the mirror in place, as the internal folding mirror function broke. I had been somewhat dreading this, expecting to have to replace the mirror, but thought on a whim earlier to try a rag dampened in alcohol... actually took it right off! You can see on the "before" picture a little of the residue had smeared because it was taking it off so quickly before I thought to take a before picture...

Used some clear tape, applied to the bottom, as a temporary fix until I can think of something better or replace the mirror (also a likely outcome: the tape holds it in place, the visible residue is gone and I never use my folding mirrors so I never remember to do anything about it)

This one is not my proudest moment but the previous owner had curbed the front bumper pretty hard and it was noticeable when walking up to the car from far away. A black sharpie works wonders as a touchup pen on black paint I would like to fix this in a more proper way later, but I want to drive the car a bit first to see if I'll be brushing curbs with it. I have a feeling now that the air suspension is fixed that will no longer be an issue
In any case it is not noticeable from far away now, so that's nice

Also obtained some of these

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Old 09-01-2019, 02:48 PM
Join Date: Nov 2017
Location: Arid Zona
Posts: 60
BimmerBreaker is on a distinguished road
Few updates in here. Didn't get a good picture of one of my favorite mods - the European aspheric side mirrors. Mmmm.... visibility

196,000 did an oil change

New tires all around after one of the new rears got a nail in it, just my luck with tires Completely filled the wagon storage area to the brim! Had to put a tire in the passenger seat to fit it all lol. But now I have a good spare front and rear tire

Then just some X5'in

Took it on a little roadtrip up North to escape the heat, handled it beautifully! So comfortable, I love this X5 lol

What a place to be

Nearing 197,000 now. Can't wait for that 200K milestone
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Old 09-01-2019, 09:43 PM
itscoo2pyopants's Avatar
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itscoo2pyopants is on a distinguished road
Congrats on the new rig, looks great
2005 E53 4.8is

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