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Old 01-03-2011, 01:54 PM
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Can you put the vice grips closer to the outer axle joint and pry between them and the bearing cup?
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Old 01-03-2011, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Weasel View Post
As per request.

Just unbolt the lower control arm and lever the whole spindle out against the thrust arm/tie rod a couple inches. (you can use a long screwdriver or jack handle to hold it out) use wire cutters to cut off the band clamps on the old boot and a razor blade to cut off the old boot. With the spindle propped about 2 inches out from normal there are a couple ways to release the joint. You can put a big set of vice grips further back on the cv shaft and give a quick tap back on that with a hammer, or put them about an inch away from the back of the joint and use a prybar. Once you have popped the shaft out of the joint. Prop the spindle out further for room. Clean off the shaft with a rag, slip the new boot on the shaft with the small band clamp behind it, further down than normal at this point for room. Clean and repack the joint with grease. Now put the big band clamp over the boot and let the spindle back in. It has to be lined up good and flush with the center part of the joint where the splines go in to the retaining clip. While holding slight pressure in on the spindle use a small screwdriver or pick to press the clip into the groove on the shaft and it should pop in to place. Then throw some more grease in the boot and pull it into place over the axle joint and clamp the band clamps tight. Put the control arm back in place and don't tighten the bolt til she is sitting on her wheels for proper bushing positioning. Then hey look, you just did a boot replacement without even taking the axle nut loose or having to press the joint out of the spindle!
Do you have any pictures of your process? Thanks
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Old 01-03-2011, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Weasel View Post
Can you put the vice grips closer to the outer axle joint and pry between them and the bearing cup?
I had the closer but my superman strength just made the vice grips slide on the axle.
I use the head of large ball pein hammer to fill the space between the vice grips and the bearing cup then I pry between the hammer and the vice grips.

I have already "straightened" a prybar trying to get the axle out!
Where do you get room to hammer?. Space is limited here.

Thanks for the help though. !!!

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Old 11-08-2011, 06:59 PM
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Interesting approach.

Does this require taking the brake pads and rotors off? Apart from unbolting the control arm, what else needs to come out without going through the hassle of futzing around with the axel nut?

[QUOTE=dville;792413]Weasel, following your advice, but stuck....
I do the following:
1) unbolt the control arm (the straight arm) at the end closer to the engine.
2) swing out the whole assembly by hand and afix with something firmly
3) remove outer boot clamps and cut off the outer boot.
4) grab the driveaxle firmy with vice grips and pry the shaft out of the CV joint against the force of the retaining C-clip.
5) wipe off grease, install new clamp, boot, clamp and C-clip.
6) while applying pressure to push axle back into CV joint, use a good sized screwdriver and poke at the C clip until it snaps in.
7) Apply the grease from the packet and then tighten clamps.
8) put on tie rod and only tighten it once vehicle weight is on the front wheels.
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