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Sergei911 11-26-2009 03:37 PM

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В России этот спойлер также является популярным:p:

j944 11-28-2009 02:44 AM


01. Stock other than window vents and a Yak bike rack now

TheGodfather 11-28-2009 03:10 PM



Only update no in these pictures are white LED side turn signal/parking lamp bulbs. Really improves the look with an all white and blue light.

antochat 11-28-2009 03:21 PM

Very Nice! Where did you get the bulbs?

powers1 11-28-2009 04:15 PM

Wow!Love that black grill.....completely transforms the front..VERY agressive.
Those wheels...are they 22"???

X5X 11-28-2009 05:25 PM

Nice X :thumbup:

TheGodfather 11-28-2009 06:09 PM

Thanks guys,

The LED bulbs were purchased from Canadian Tire (eurolite's i think) $16 a piece.
- They are not THAT bright, but they look much better than the yellow/orange tinge of the old bulb as shown in the picture, especially at night. They are simply white and blend perfect.
- I am getting an indicator for turn signal bulb out. I guess it has to do with the very little power they use.

The wheels are 22" replica 168's that I bought from lakeshore wheels. It seems these have recently become hard to find.

Forster4.8is 12-08-2009 09:28 PM

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Here's my girl :D
sorry about picture quality, taken from my blackberry

LeMansX5 12-09-2009 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by Forster4.8is (Post 688502)
Here's my girl :D
sorry about picture quality, taken from my blackberry

Nice. Did you do just Dinan exhaust or more?

Jordaan 12-09-2009 01:14 AM

Hey all! I'm brand spanking new here and am happy to have found this forum. I own a 2001 X5 and well... Here she is. Now I cut the front end off -__- because I was in a rush, that is a Volcano in the background "Amboy Crater" in Amboy, California and we had just walked to, hiked up the rim and back down to the car which was a long walk so we were all tired and wanted to leave. But any who here she is!



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