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RPX5 10-01-2009 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by NOVAX5 (Post 665490)
save that $500 for later mechanical issue. pre-facelift models are too old to add any mod to it. these e53 pre-facelift are biatches to take care of.

The update makes me like it again :thumbup:

What would be worse is having a car payment for a newer model.

NOVAX5 10-01-2009 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by RPX5 (Post 665559)
The update makes me like it again :thumbup:

What would be worse is having a car payment for a newer model.

If you "HAVE TO" make car payments for newer models. "WORSE" is right.

RPX5 10-01-2009 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by NOVAX5 (Post 665624)
If you "HAVE TO" make car payments for newer models. "WORSE" is right.

Some people can drop $3X,XXX.00 cash for a newer CPO with a warrantee, some will finance. I aspire to do neither at the moment. A lousy $500 to make my car look fresh is well worth it IMO.

mtX5 10-02-2009 01:22 AM

NOVAX5 what point are you trying to prove lol. its ok to mod out your car..it personalizes it and makes you love it more, and makes up for the hard times..

i won't disagree, i've had my fair share of repairs..and they costed me alot. but my X looks new, runs great, and money needs to be spent to keep that up. until i get more $$ for a new bmw this one is perfect.

i'm in VA too, and there are plenty of X5s here.. but how many of them turn heads :thumbup:. mod awaay

RPX5 10-02-2009 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by mtX5 (Post 665697)
how many of them turn heads :thumbup:. mod awaay


Dima1978 10-02-2009 10:27 PM

How many people are there so far?

For prefacelift models, you have go without a leveling motor and you will need to get a kit with d2s bulbs and maybe a little part that kills a code for "check your low beam lights"(if you care). It is not that complicated.
PS Has anybody tried the version for H7 bulb, how is the cutoff quality?
I have seen a projector with removable bulb seat: you can bolt on D2s seat or go with an h7. Kinda cool :-)

NOVAX5 10-03-2009 12:04 AM

You guys understand it wrong, my point is the pre-facelift E53s are costly to maintain and repair as they are very very old now. Instead of putting $500 on a old car for those headlights I would put it aside for later repairs. Pre-facelift E53s dont turn heads anymore, I see about 20 of them on the road everyday on a 15 miles commute. save your money, no one except us notice the difference of the headlights. Trying to save you some money. Thats all i ever want to mean. No hard feeling.

Dima1978 10-03-2009 01:26 AM

i want a good light output, I don't even care about AE. I still have non projector housings. It is purely for me, not for show.

mtX5 10-03-2009 02:51 AM

guys these headlights are AMAZING. the highest quality aftermarkets i've seen so far..very close if not equal to hella quality. and the angel eyes...WOW. pictures don't display what you see in person. CCFLs can't even compete!

i'm just hoping no condensation issues..i added some head gasket sealer. i think its going to rain soon..hmm

pictures from iPhone:

anas 10-03-2009 10:21 AM

they look very good , but how about some better pics guys ??? plz. !!!!

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